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16 YELLOW TAROT CARDS are the STONE OF AGE or DISKS of a traditional tarot deck. 



This Group of 14 Cards is consisting of YELLOW TAROT CARDS  1-10 Numbers and 4 AUTHORITY (or royalty) CARDS. 

Physical Consciousness - Earth Element


Physical Life is Motivated by Two Basic Desires: Action and Rest

The Yellow cards exhibit the obvious appearance of our 3D reality as it is primarily made of two principles: action and rest. The physical organism is mechanical by nature and its reproductive properties can be logically perceived as an active urge to survive as long as possible for the reward of rest, as captured by death.  

The physical functioning Universe, manifests its convicting action through the other modes of consciousness (mind, heart & soul) and although it is fragile (as all stones of matter are somewhat breakable), it supports the body's necessities in order to remain active (alive). 


Seemingly limited to the bodily senses, our physical awareness happens to be the trickiest of all modes of consciousness. Its source of information is derived from external receptors of electrical currents identified by internal deliverers of the nervous system. 

The nervous system configures an electrical light body, which is the primal energy supplier (like a battery) to what sensually appears to be physical. This light-body is captured first by the physical sensors, even before the material body appears, and is considered an astral body made of electricity. 

The color yellow represents the magnetic balance of the earth as a stable creation. It stands for mid-day, when no shadows are cast, which means that the naked truth is upon us, heating our atmosphere mercilessly overhead. 


The yellow tarot cards contain all the physical senses and instincts and appear like a military force of power when it comes to defending the law of the land. A sacred animal associated with yellow stone is the deer, which represents the most gentle aspect of love, knowing it to be very fragile. 

Ancient knowledge was based on great medical and architectural achievements. These past developments included methods of precise calculations to measure the astral body of any physical matter (from acupuncture to building pyramids).


The manifested stone is strictly dealing with issues of health and wealth, as historically documented by some of the greatest monuments built in the physical world.  Such structures were made to praise the achievements of the human race such as medicine and trade. (Start with Babylon tower of the old world trade center, the Oriental and Egyptian medical skills, and back to the modern New York Twin Towers of the new world trade center).


*The word stone is an intriguing one. In Hebrew, it directly relates to father energy based upon an intelligent understanding of matter and the ability to build and reconstruct matter accordingly.

1 Stone Of Age Yellow tarot card Action
I Am Action & Confirmation.



The One Stone of Age is a card of activation, confirming that an ongoing event or present situation will bear positive results. 

The artwork shows a stone falling straight into the midst of the current, as if expressing its impact with a “bingo!” 

This comes to enhance the nature of an action taken at the right place and time, thus “scoring big.”

It indicates a decision made with force and trust followed by an immediate action with no hesitation whatsoever.  

This card also relates to individuals who are persistent in the way they approach circumstances. Such individuals rapidly grasp that which they are confronted by and easily make things happen. 

The Stone of Age attributes to the 'Kaaba', the amazing stone of Mecca , which is sacred to the Muslims, who take a long and difficult journey, the 'hadj', to visit and confirm their human actions by its firm stand throughout time.

2 Stone Of Age Yellow tarot card Manetism
I Am Magnetism

The Two Stone of Age is an irresistible card that demonstrates an important universal principle of creation: “We always attract our own image of self and are equally attracted by that which manages to project our-self.”

This law has arisen as a balancing aid to the sex division of one, which came to fulfill the action of reproduction. 

The effect of nature's sexual division causes the parts (all particles) to seek unity with their own self-separated portions. 

This is the law of magnetism that was well known in the ancient world. Artistically and figuratively preserved in the artwork, it is suggestive of a beetle image, or the ancient Egyptian symbol, the scarab. (The beetle life formation was originated in the sea and is more primal than the spinal one).

The law of magnetism cancels out any chances of finding oneself in a place where they should not be.  It cancels the idea of a situation where one is forced to deal with something that is not of his/her own self to begin with.

3 Stone Of Age Yellow tarot card Work
I Am Work



The Three Stone of Age is a busy card, which helps to keep our mind occupied with assembling material and resources. 

As the artwork is composed of three dimensional components in perfect continuity from beginning to end, this card is a direct extension of the structure of the Egyptian Pyramid, only upside down.  


This kind of progressive work requires effort, investigation, calculation, and a considerable investment of time and energy. These are the qualities required to maintain perfect order!  

This card may also indicate an extremely supportive demonstration on the behalf of someone who is at the service of others, whether by choice or not. 

This type of devotion would even extend itself as far as slavery, based on total commitment to somebody else's project and benefit. In general, this card indicates issues related to much effort and work.

4 Stone Of Age Yellow tarot card Foundation
I Am Foundation



The Four Stone of Age is a card of security, supervising our daily creations to make sure that all is coming along smoothly.

The artwork delivers the inner image of four cornerstones placed to support the enfolding center of a dimensional cube, inside of which lies the sphere of creation, forming a new life expression. (The Egyptian sarcophagus was used to preserve the dead in a cubic time zone to be awakened when the proper synchronism of time would reoccur). 

This card portrays one of the most amazing phenomena of nature, showing an equal pair of opposites that are in sexual collaboration, as resembled by a male-cubic space and a female-spherical incubation. (versus the 2dimensional line of sexual equation where + - produces electricity). 

The new sexual pair is now operating in an active 3-dimensional creation while seemingly switching functions (the male is giving birth to the female instead of the other way around.)  

This card exhibits an undisturbed evolution facility for all multi dimensional realities and is thus able to carry through any related subject of concern.

5 Stone Of Age Yellow tarot card Fear Worry
I Am Fear & Worry



The Five Stone of Age is a card of terror as attached to those who are being overly sensitive when trying to capture fragile aspects of the physical environment. 

The artwork for the card shows the world of physical creation as it arises from the Spirit of the Desert.  

These elements reveal intense concerns with matters of survival, health, and wealth, which are all but overwhelming when partially seen without the mind's logical explanation.  

The effects and direct psychological responses to such matters of panic disorders will surely manifest a physical future defined by sickness and disease. 

Remember, however, that fear enters in places of weakness that have been previously affected by lack of love.

A recommended medicine is to find smooth river stones, and then write words of concern on the stone's surface. One must wait until the right time comes, and then give the stones back to the ocean, river, or any other source of water.

6 Stone Of Age Yellow tarot card Success
I Am Success



The Six Stone of Age is a scorecard that comes to announce that all things planned are well as followed by a promise that future events will also be OK. 

In the center of the card, there is a basket filled with goods that are well protected and secure beneath the curved arch of showered blessings from below and above. 

The arch above the basket represents an old promise stating that the Seven Masters of the Rainbow (see Way-Shower) will be coming to support the earth's subject and bring the qualities of abundance into fruition. (This kind of universal confirmation would usually bring the rain, especially in relation to creative ritualistic collaboration with this card's properties).  The arch was very significant in the ancient world, standing for protection, justice, security, and fairness. 

This card is intended to remind us that success comes to the one who has managed to gather the fullest potential of all ingredients within one petition to ensure an equal response from life itself.  yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards 

7 Stone Of Age Yellow tarot card Up Down
I Am Up & Down



The Seven Stone of Age is a failure card, indicating that a great amount of effort is being put into something that cannot be carried through nor fully manifest its main idea of creation. 

The artwork here exposes the card's full meaning from both sides, as you can twist the card upside-down to see the stones both falling downwards and climbing an uphill road. 

This card may be an aid in restructuring an unstable situation. 


Precision is especially required when one is examining the up and down behaviors of his/her own personal experience. It may also equally refer to retroactive issues as well. 

7 Stone of Age relates to those who are struggling with self-recognition and social placement in the overall spectrum of our human reality until a desired position is finally achieved.  yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards yellow tarot cards 

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8 Stone Of Age Yellow tarot card Slow Process
I Am Slow Process


The Eight Stone of Age is a pregnant card and indicates a parallel analogy of nature's slow, yet creative process of reproduction. 

Although this card is of the physical element, it may also symbolize one's creative mind and esoteric abilities. 


The artwork suggests the female reproductive organ as a time-consuming demonstrator of the birth process. This illustrates the fact that the time of conception is slow, (whether physical pregnancy or mental) and demands that we be very patient. 

This card may also highlight rare, natural healing abilities possessed by those who can contribute greatly to the field of preventive medicine. 

It might also point to special nursing qualifications or an option to work in a hospital environment and assist other people. 

Although extremely positive and supportive, this card demands much patience, persistence, and care.

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9 Stone Of Age Yellow tarot card Gravity
I Am Positive - Gravity



The Nine Stone of Age is a grounding card, which can be very useful when one needs to come down from a highly energetic experience. 

It can also be an aid for certain obsessive behavior disorders. 

The pyramid shape suggested in the artwork ensures that all of the ingredients or active participants in one's world are coherent with one another and supportive of the overall direction, intent, and reason. 


This card may also indicate the beginning stages of stability in career or health-related issues, as they are newly established upon an after effect of a chaotic time or even self-destruction. 

This card also refers to a place, site, or special location that may appear metaphorically or realistically from within one's self-consciousness, as well as simply being an invitation for a short vacation somewhere.

10 Stone Of Age Yellow tarot card Abundance
I Am Abundance



The Ten Stone of Age is a consequence card that comes to confirm that previous decisions and actions are bearing fruit. 

The artwork shows ten physical bodies arranged like a solar system, yet put in an environment that is made of countless magnifiers, much like the universe itself. 

This universal analogy of countless membranes enhances the fullest meaning of what “plenty” can be. 

The volume of physical power and density of force presented in this card is truly endless and beyond measurement, as our whole universe reaches beyond what the physical eye can see or perceive (as of yet). 

It indicates an accumulation of material riches and possessions as well as maintenance of excellent health and a high income. 

This card is a portrait of the Tree Of Life from a universal point of view, as resembled to the Tree species to be one of the wisest on earth, having managed to achieve a full development of 4 basic consciousness.

Authority cards yelloe


Knight Stone Of Age Yellow tarot card Production
I Am Authority of Production



The Knight Stone of Age is a stable card, bringing all actual matters into a grounded place of mutual fulfillment.  The Yellow Knight is trustworthy and well respected among relatives and those who know him. He tends to project a fatherly image, which has to do with the solar influences that describe the genuine kingly quality only found in a man of honor.

This card provides a productive facility for creative ideas to take shape and form. Although he is driven by seemingly slow movements, the Yellow Knight takes the extra time to think big. What really matters is that he gets the work done at one point or another.


The man who is identified with this character is known to be patient, understanding, and kind although rarely would he let others know very much about himself. Work is his first priority and his commitment to the ever-present project is above all other considerations. In fact, this card indicates the ability to handle more than one project at a time, including personal and family responsibilities. This card refers to the astrological influence of the earth signs: Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus.

Brief Overview: 1) A man who is extremely supportive, resourceful, and positive. 2) At times, this may refer to a medicine man, healer, doctor, attorney, investor, police officer, or a military man of high position, such as commander. 3) An indication of great power.


Common Implication:  Production; Maturity; Discipline; Responsibility; Devotion; Supportive father figure; Sports; Medicine; Medication; Achievements; Stability; Stamina; Trust; Help.

 This card refers to the astrological influence of the earth signs: Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus.
Queen Stone Of Age Yellow tarot card Manifestation
I Am Authority of Manifestation



The Queen Stone of Age is a realistic card that lets us see what we wish not to see and know that, which we care less to know. It is a wake-up call to get on with things in our lives, whether we like it or not. The Yellow Queen is seeing that which others tend to skip, as she is not looking directly at the subject, but rather catches glimpses of it in the mirrored reflection of its manifested reality.

By focusing her logical and wishful thinking, she is able to manifest ideas and make them come true.  She also knows where and when to draw a fine line between her personal life and her work/career issues. Every once in a while, however, queens end up being totally devoted to their careers and negligent of their private lives.


The advice here is to pay better attention to how much effort and time one is putting into work and to save some room for personal life.  This card is very physical and relates to issues such as health, diet, physical education, activity, and business. Women who identify with this card are usually strong willed, selfish, and yet reliable. Once they get into something, consider it done.

Brief Overview: 1) When comes to romance or love, this card may indicate the “other woman.” 2) Other times, it may highlight very selfish and inconsiderate behavior or demands.


Common Implication: Manifestation; Prosperity; Property; Negotiation; Possession; Preventive medicine; Gymnastics; Sports; Food and diet; Nourishment; Protein; Fat; Bones; Bitchy attitude; Real estate. 

Prince Stone Of Age Yellow tarot card Motivation
I Am Authority of Motivation



The Prince Stone of Age is a road-opener card, allowing ideas to be seen as flesh and bone before their actual manifestation. The Yellow Prince is a great starter, full of motivation and the intention to promote that which is close to his heart, yet he gets himself involved with so many things at once, chances are that not even one of them will reach completion.

It is mandatory to have other elements involved with this card and the projects at hand, so the other parties may carry on while the prince is left free to do what he does best, being the door opener.

People who identify with this card are young in spirit. They love life, love to laugh, eat good food and socialize while at work. They are not at all shallow, as seen by others, and will totally get into serious matters… once they have been presented with such matters. The Yellow Prince is looking for great meaning in life and will support that which is for real. Unfortunately, every once in a while, the Prince will be totally misunderstood by others and end up running from one job (or project) to another. The advice for this one is to establish an independent career within the service area.

Brief Overview: 1) People who are looking for a job (or project) or trying to replace their current work situation. 2) Certain individuals who are found at the mercy of others. 3) Athleticism exercise and workout. 4) Sports games college and University.


Common Implication: Motivation; Beginning of new projects; Development; Promotion; Young energy; Good will; Job-related issues; Service; Support and help; Commitment; Great start; Full of drive; Intention; Sincerity; Swear; Promise; Training.

Princess Stone Of Age Yellow tarot card Reproduction
I Am Authority of Reproduction



The Princess Stone of Age is a prolific card, bringing the abundance of positive influence and a caring attitude to the current event.  The Yellow Princess stands firm and correct, especially on the behalf of good people in general.  Thus, it is important that no one takes advantage of this fine quality, as it has and always will be sought after.  


She is a generous giver and will reproduce that which is in demand even when she does not fully understand what it all means.

When this card involves a young woman, it will indicate being a mother from an early age or being in a position of taking care of others. She is blessed with beautiful hands, which applies to being a natural healer or physical therapist. Everything she touches turns to gold.


An advice given here is to make sure that this “gold” manages to come her way, as usually somebody else gets to enjoy it instead. This card is also a reference to manufacturing, creativity, and physical pregnancy.


Brief Overview: 1) People who tend to support others beyond any judgment while easily sacrificing their own life and dreams for what and whom they believe is better and worthier. 

2)  A young mother with little children. 3) Animal lover or young woman with a pet. 4) Animal shelter or farm land.


Common Implication: Reproduction; Goodness: Creativity; Pregnancy; Manufacture; Consistency; Healing properties; Chiropractic; Massage; Bodywork; Acupuncture; Physical therapy; Creative project; Crafts; Young mother; Positive attitude; Prolific; Devotion; Carbon copy; Organism; Mechanism.

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