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Self announcement: I Am Master of Relationship.

Hebrew letter:  VAV - represents: INTELLIGENCE.



Male / Female = Equal = Positive / Negative. The opposite nature of the pair makes not an enemy to the lovers although happening by way of contrast and conflict.  A “love” that dwells behind peace agreements - must be done with, before the duo will finally engage in the total spectrum of Creation as A One rather than just parties.


The ring of the unity reveals the true meaning of a universal code language that explains all relationships within the Six-Pointed Star, in their rhythmic, balanced interchange.

This is done through direct connection between the One Creator and all of his relationships within the overall manifested idea of His Creation.

The book of the Unity is a star-like map showing the inner structure of relationships as they primarily happen between pairs of opposites. All pairs oppose one another and therefore attract and repel, but do they ever unite? Yes they do, when they are an equal pair of opposites.  Equal pairs do unite, because they both oppose the one central idea from whence they had extended themselves to the left and to the right versus opposing one another.

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Tarot Card 6 Unity


For an example, we can look at opposite pairs in our bodies and figure out what is the one simple idea that has been physically manifested by that pair.  We can, for example, say that our eyes are an equal pair of opposites, as each takes one side of the face and the brain. Yet they are both extended from a central idea of an eye, which is located right between both, a point that most people refer to as the third eye or the psychic eye. The fact is that the invisible eye is pointed inward towards its creator and is able to detect the inner psychological structure of the ongoing creation. This central idea of an eye is what gave birth to the apparent left and right eyes by which the outer manifestation of that particular creation - is being visually viewed, and mentally perceived.


Every other part of the symmetrical body is structured in the same manner of opposites and their central uniting point, sometimes visible – but many times not. The pairs that are aligned horizontally (cross the vertebra middle shaft) are easy to find like eyes; ears; cheeks; shoulders; hands; breasts; legs, and such. Some opposite pairs are placed vertically on the spinal middle shaft and are mostly the inner parts of the body like: brain/stomach, mouth/vagina, nose/penis, heart/naval, and more. (Those selected pairs are related by Hebrew interpretation of the words and their equal numerical structure). 

It is the same with man and woman being an equal pair of opposites, yet, for the most part, they never get to acknowledge the invisible idea that unites them at the conceiving core of who they are.

Unfortunately, most relationships of opposite sexes never use insight as it has been provided by the 3rd eye and cannot pass the barrier of their physical appearance. Thus, they remain in argument with one another while totally missing their point of sexual unity, found in the word SIX itself, (as the word SEX is obviously a lingual development of SIX which is the word SHESH in Hebrew =33 a word which is directly related to the word WAVE =33). Therefore, each sex stands for a wave cycle by which both sexes complete one another in a united ring or a circle



The number 3 is extremely important when it comes to issues of the heart, especially when doubled or even tripled (33 or 333). Now is the time to look at the meaning of number 3 by the three main participants that basic universal geometry is made of: 


1)   .    A dot - is the One Creator when still.

2)  ­__  A line - is One Creator when in motion.

3)  O   A circle - is the expression of the One Creator.


What does this mean? Applied to our sexual pair of opposites that we now know reach complete unity when made of 33 (wave cycle). Notice that the male sex demonstrates a straight line when having an erection, whereas the female sex demonstrates an opening facility in a form of a circle (vagina and an ovulating egg inside the womb).

The uniting idea where these two (a line and a circle) sprout into their active life expression is in the invisible dot (1) of stillness at the center of the womb and as well as the skull, both of which are spherical bodies of space and time (demonstrates the Mother). That is suggestive of sexual unity to be happening in both places indicated – the womb (female territory of reproduction) and the skull (male mental territory).  Thus, each of the sexes is well defined by a specific function that has been strictly assigned to them by nature itself. This is not to be confused, not even for the sake of temporary unity.


*The word skull in Hebrew is 33334 and consists of two waves in copulation by which the point of sexual unity is captured and approved by the male at a moment of stillness and acceptance or rejection on the behalf of both participants and not just by the female sexual and physical urges.


Man and woman are forming a circle of expression at the center of the card. The circle is formed by the red color of the background. (RED in Hebrew means Adam, Truth and also East, and is directing the Humans true evolution towards the East, the place of the rising Sun in China and Japan which means a turning point of change).

The east is also suggested to be the rising place (the orient) of volcanic eruption (reds) that is periodically circling the earth with opposing waves of positive and negative electrical charge. This event is supported by the 4 moon's monthly periods at the top of the card  which causes a timely realignment of the earth's middle shaft at the central ring of unity. The periodical nature of this card indicates that which has happened already is about to happen again. Not only from a planetary point of view, evolutionarily but also personally, and sexually.

The cyclic ring is thus revolutionary for all life formations, ready to adapt to new conditions or rather remain potentially as in a DNA form (time capsule that may be released when earth's condition is appropriate for the species existence to rise again). The nature of the ring is equally bounding and freeing, depending on the individual's readiness, perception, and will to evolve into a new creation - or stay in a time zone that is comfortable with the reality they already know. 

The preparation for the transition time indicated above is performed by couples in a relationship. A couple that accepts the ring of unity is engaged in a commitment to look through its circling hole which applies a united idea of both participants. They should see themselves like the two equally beautiful sea creatures at the center of the circle (at the middle of card) and thus allow the flow of changes to enrich the relationship and prevent it from stagnation and preconceived notions of the past.

The Unity card is similar to the Lovers, yet it offers advice to couples as to how to establish a holy relationship that is met with universal principles, by collaborating the sixth master tarot with the fifth, the Speaker, in order to complete one another in unity.  The merging of SIX and FIVE is 56 which is the sum number of tarot cards of the Minor Arcane.


The Unity tarot card indicates relationships in general and holy relationships when the Speaker is around or when number 5 cards are correlated. It would also refer to one's ability to team up with others, being ready to handle a relationship without losing one's own self-identity. It is a proper time to allow others to take their place in the overall spectrum of the present situation, and to welcome learning experiences to interchange among all participants.

The number 6 means relationship and is akin to Unity. All 6 cards in a reading will show everything that is important to know regarding relationships, partnerships, engagement, and collaboration with others.

Brief Overview: 1) It is time to handle an important relationship. 2) There might be a partnership forming soon. 3) There is a whole new group of people coming into one's life. 4) Marriage, tribal or sacred ritual, or a spiritual circle, groups, and associates.

Common Implication: Relationship; Partnership; Collaboration; Assembling; Putting something together; Marriage; Commitment.

Physical location: Hilly area, and or social environment.


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