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The cup of fire


Lust - Justice.

Self-Announcement: I Am Master of Personality. 

Hebrew Letter:  KAPH - represents: THANKSGIVING.



The study of our universe shows it to be a "thought-manifested universe" because of its holographic principles as seen in today's practices of "virtual reality."   The Deliverer takes you across the river of mirrored reflections where knowledge is the only means of transportation in a reality that is made of illusions.

The Cup of Fire held by the man at the right side of the card indicates mastery of pure energy. It can be activated when The Deliverer is in a reading with all four cards of number 2.


The Deliverer is master of a multifaceted projection of self, delivered by individuals of great character and stature. Keeping this in mind, one may think more than twice before letting go of the ego. Just like wearing a good coat on a wintry day, we say to you, “Wear your ego in good health,” because there is nothing else out there to protect you in the physical environment that certainly demands an ID certificate.

Deliverers are essential and most important individuals. They tend to, however, not be appreciated by society or even close friends and relatives. This is due to the hardheaded nature of the Deliverer.  Without Deliverers, our world would surely turn into a uniformed community with no spark of individuality or genius for all to benefit.

The Deliverer Tarot Card 11 I Am One Tarot Lust Justice tarot card

The female person at the middle is trapped inside an 8 - formed by two snakes of light. The 8 configures the eternal return of repeated signals to a no space and time point of stillness from which wavelengths of expression are extended. The signal is not a heartbeat but is rather produced in the lower portion of the vertebra's nerve system, where our tail used to be. This signal is in self-repetition, forming a distinguishing vibration of the individual-being and is thus considered a personal identification note.


The 8 is forming a double magnetic field around every individual life-existence while repeated waves of expression define his/her territorial space. They always cross paths at the central point of the 8, where the woman figure is placed.

Her position indicates a great stubbornness to achieve this  position to begin with, while a central dark shaft is piercing her body through the sexual entrance, suggesting only one little bright spot of light in the long distance. This is suggestive of sexual interaction that activates the lower spinal nerve center as conducted by a specific state of mind (ritualistic performance), and is considered sex-magic.


The man at the right side of card has his sex pointed towards the center of the female's being, but so does the snake with its tongue pointed at her as it emerges out of a box. (This validates the Freudian interpretation of boxes and snakes as symbols of male and female sex.) This demonstrates a sexual combination composed of physical and spiritual intention that is being mentally conducted by a golden lion that supports the woman's head and shoulders from behind. Pay attention to the fact that there is no emotional reference included in a sexual scene that is completely in motion.

Cold Fire - The female is willingly putting her hands into the fire, which includes energy and anger. Some blue flames are mingled with red, an indication of mental control over spirit while transforming the most upsetting expression of anger into the cold fire of pure energy.  

Watch out for this one! If you let your anger burn long enough without trying to kill it or pretending it's not there, the natural fury of the one force (at the center of any creation) will return back to its original place of stillness. When fire burns blue, it means that anger has turned into energy, like fire that burns off of alcohol or spirits.


From there on, it has no need to feed upon physical matters as red fire feeds on like bodies of wood and such. Blue flames can be kept up for a long time while mentally fed by spiritual and intelligent ideas until it eventually becomes…Purple.

When the Deliverer approaches, one better be a receptor, knowing that it may come with a personal hardship. Do not let this discourage you. Just remember that you are the flame that excites others around who may not have yet developed an equal amount of distress. Stress however, can be compared to an engine's compression; without it, the car will have no power at all. 


There is nothing wrong with being angry, as long as one manages to release the steam without hurting others or one-self. Our social structure provides us with many reasons to be angry, yet it is wiser to put this anger to work as a compression aid.  Developing creative facilities is mandatory, in order to deliver the high energy to where it is appreciated. Like the trump, Lust/Strength, the Deliverer is bringing up issues of personality involving Beauty and the Beast.


Nonetheless, neither one should be chosen over the other, as both are main players in the self-exposure. Thus, personal attitude is not to be canceled out as a bad thing. Even lack of manners at times can be seen as honesty rather than being rude. For most, these are all provocative symptoms of energy announced as anger coming from a place of being forced into self-denial. Deliverers, in general, are over-sensitive people and best friends forever. They may force others to cope with their attitude because they are proud to be themselves. Many times, they will appear in others’ lives as soul mates or twin souls.


The number 2 acquires responsibility and is akin to the Mother. All the 2 cards in a reading with their master will enhance personality issues in regards to one-self or others directed towards greater goals.

Brief Overview: 1) Indicates a forming process of individuality and character that may result in explosive behavior if met with resistance. 2) Delicate personality issues being supported by friends, brothers, sisters, or children and animals. 3) Soul mates and twin-soul relationships are presently effective.

Physical location: Friendly environment.., the deliverer, the deliverer, the deliverer, the deliverer, the deliverer, the deliverer, the deliverer, the deliverer, the deliverer, the deliverer, the deliverer, the deliverer

the deliverer. the deliverer, the deliverer, the deliverer, the deliverer, the deliverer


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