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the cup of fluid colors

Self-announcement:   I Am Master of Dreams.

Hebrew Letter:  PEH - represents: HEAVEN.



There is no “give and take” in the whole Universe, there is only one continuous action defined as re-giving.  Thus, the Star is giving Way to Heaven's Shower, which is to re-give its blessings to the Earth and her children.

The way shower presents the Cup of Fluid Colors showering its content down from the rainbow's arch at the center of the card, bringing us an angelic influence and Universal guidance. This is the kind of protection and support that is beyond logical explanation. It can be fully activated when the Way-Shower appears in a reading with all four number 8 cards.


The Way Sower meaning in this chapter is truly a gate to Immortality, yet none shall pass until this law of creation is completely received in its totality.  These studies are a complete cancellation of the term "give and take", for an acceptance of a Universe that demonstrates one endless process of adding up.

The way shower presents the Cup of Fluid Colors showering its content down from the rainbow's arch at the center of the card, bringing us an angelic influence and Universal guidance

The Way Shower meaning as a master of the rainbow colors dreams and promises, appears as a Way-Shower that is kindly offering gifts of talent and brilliant genius to humankind. These gifts have always been handed to us in a constant flow, but now it showers in a flood- like manner that is almost greater than its receptor's capacity. The Way Shower meaning has plenty more gifts to give from whence all cometh, being loaded as a pregnant woman who is craving to give her inner content to the world. Imagine how it feels to be so full and rich that all you can think of is giving some of it away while you know that more of it is endlessly coming your way.


What kind of a gift is a true talent?

The gift is not the talent itself, but rather the opportunity to enable talent to give something real to somebody else, who may re-give it to another, and so forth.

The Way Shower is helping us to break old concepts and immediately replace them with new ones. Much like climbing a ladder, we take one step up while moving and pushing ourselves away from the lower step, regardless of the fact that a moment ago that same lower step was at the top of our attention and achievement. Now it is in the past, saved in our memory until we will need it again on our way back down.

A reference is made here: The past exists in memory and the future exists in dreams, but the present is a gift of true existence.


In what portion of the card do you see the Way-Shower to be?

We say that the Way-Shower is only a promise that awaits its present time of fulfillment, and that is why its appearance in the card is not obvious.


However, there is a rainbow stretching over a misty town. It must be early morning.  Water showers from the heavens down upon the earth with such conviction. Can it be that love is showering down upon us? Well if that is so, it must be the kind of love we rarely ever get to know, as often times the feelings of “love” come with an immediate urge to give it away, or even lay it down heavily on someone else. Most showers of emotions have nothing to do with love at all, but they do however exhibit the action of giving oneself, which is almost overwhelming to the one who is feeling, and the one who has to deal with accepting it.


Love is the art of giving and it requires talent.

It seems as if true love comes to us at the time we are asleep, while dreaming, or when we are being very still, thus avoiding the rational mind from dissecting it into pieces. Love should remain as wholly and undivided as being conceived in one truth, even when spread among many recipients. Just like any idea of one truth, it should never be fulfilled in earth's real time so that we may explore a greater meaning of what it could be over and over again. We do this through our dreams, projections, and hopes.


Dreams are great.

There is a star up at the top of the card, and if we look closely, we may see a faded face in it. It is a bearded face, suggestive of grandfather, old wisdom, or a protective energy related to Native American legacy. Extremely supportive of his relations, he is sending two rays of search lights down to earth; enhancing his real concern with her situation, as she is considered a universal member and a daughter. He knows something that we do not.

Dreams and tales are entitled to a moment of grace. Old tales say that grandfather knows that she has been pregnant for quite sometime, and he is watching over her and her future creation.

The little we know of our history, since not much documentation survived the destruction of the Alexandrian Library, is based on bits and pieces left behind as a puzzle for us to put together.  Thankfully, clues have been left behind by the great ones who walked the earth before us. They were left by those who have made a connection with the universe and have been given its blessings to be re-given unto the future world.

True blessings always take the shape and form of a promise, and the ancients received their blessing as a promise to be present here on earth at the time of fulfillment and birth of a new world, considered in our time to be the Harmonic Conversion.


The book of the Way Shower preserved special placement for the great ones to take a stand at the arrowhead lead of the earth's gathering process of genius talent, collaborating under singleness of purpose – to allow a shift in consciousness. In addition, we are not talking about Native Americans only, but all the other races defined by the basic colors: red, blue, green, and yellow (see references in the book “The Rainbow Masters” by The Phoenix Journals).

The seven colors of the rainbow are the great master teachers of the universal qualities who were sent out from the central idea of the Creator to travel the light distance of universes and merge with awakened minds that are willing to be educated in the ways of creation. Simply colors, they enter our reality via talented artists and thinkers who are to re-give the load to all of us.


It is an old tradition to pass the blessing from the father to his children and from one generation to another.

If the Way-Shower wets its rainy ways into your cards today, be blessed by it and do not keep it to yourself. Give it away because more is coming. The Way-Shower is a slow card that indicates a time of processing. Meanwhile, pay attention to your dreams. You may want to keep a glass filled with water near your bed at night or even an Indian dream catcher to clarify meaningful dreams. Know that the masters are talking to you, but it is up to you how this is going to be captured and brought into your daily awareness.



The number 8 indicates a slow process and double vision and is akin to the Way-Shower. All 8 cards in a reading will support your hopes, dreams, and goals and will also bring clarity to any process involving how to make a plan, focus on a main purpose, and stick with it.

Brief Overview: 1) Indicates blessings from above and the dream state of mind, yet suggests a slow phase for future fulfillment. 2) Singleness of purpose is most important above all other things. 3) Pregnancies and fertility issues are being presented. 4) Pay attention to astrological signs.

Common Implication: Singleness of purpose; Covenant, promise; Talents; Astrology; Pregnancy; Rain; An indication of something being on the way, process, progress, not logical; Beauty, grace; Protection, guidance.

Physical location: The movies, theater, or in dreams.

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