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Self-announcement: I Am Self - Mastery.

Hebrew Letter:  ZAIN - represents: VALOR.



Peace and war are depicted in a conversation between two lovers who will inevitably bring their mutual passion into void - or confrontation.  Either way, the one who wins over the other will eventually lose its only mate.  Losing a mate is a serious matter.  The Victorious-One is master warrior on a never-ending task of developing special skills, whether professionally or personally, as he must be proven best.

The ability to expand, refine, and develop one's potential, requires restricted methods of discipline and practice. The Victorious One's qualities and values are identified as far above average, a fact that causes great difficulties for this state of being, especially in finding a compatible mate.


The Victorious-One is rooted in the forgotten legend of tradition and might, and even nowadays he favors the tales of knights, heroes, and masters, seeing himself in them. They describe his character and intent that naturally contributes to the path of old mastery and commitment to a great work, which he easily applies to daily and routine tasks.

Tarot Card The Victorious-One is rooted in the forgotten legend of tradition and might, and even nowadays he favors the tales of knights, heroes, and masters, seeing himself in them

The male image at the center of the card is crowned with thorns, an indication of the enormous effort and self-demand that is almost too painful to watch, while trying to understand the great step being taken. 

At the same time, he is holding a flower in his hand, just like the Changer before him and the Mother as well. (A boy/child of Mother/Father is compatible with the grandchild – the Actor). He is walking away from the war, leaving the old chariot behind, a vehicle of advanced power that represents the former trump, The Chariot. Thus, the step taken is unlike the old symbol of victory and akin to a new, realistic, and radical perception. Indeed, such a stepping away from one's old identity is a difficult task, especially for warriors who will sooner or later realize that the war is not necessarily happening on the physical battlefield where definitions such as give/take and right/wrong are made real, but rather deep inside one's own troubled mind.


The Victorious-One tarot card controls the black and white lions with his left hand, yet he is equally being controlled by the same connecting stripes as they are going all the way up to the right side of his brain. This indicates a conflicting struggle with the lions (powers). The white lion is morally valid and good, the black lion's shadow is considered bad. Here is a mental ground for the most horrible battle ever caused by the holy concept of good versus evil, being nothing but another pair of opposites in conversation while trying to make a decision as to which one power is to be given. Truth says that this pair is ready to kill one another for the sake of making a point, thus proving that this is not an equal pair. Their self-validation is founded on dependence on each other's opposing existence, making the destruction of one a complete cancellation of the other (and we call it victory).


How it works - All shadows validate the fact that light has touched a body, and thus, the shape and form of that body is thrown over another body or surface in an image of a shadow. And, vice versa, all bodies interact with light and are therefore attached to their shadows.

If the shadow can be destroyed, we will know that the body is not touched by light, although it exists in the dark. Notice that we just lost the light factor and therefore must remember the body in the darkness as no longer visible. On the other hand, if the body is destroyed, there will be no shadow, as we just lost both bodies of expression. Such an attempt indicates that a pair in argument and announce themselves to be of no value, as to not be ready for unity. The same analogy of light/darkness goes for other pairs based on false ideas like good and evil, God and Satan, etc.


The Victorious-One tarot card applies to all people as it tells the story of man's journey through earth's physical restrictions and spiritual, yet mental visualizations of Godly ideas. Poets and philosophers have always portrayed man's journey in old books and mythologies like the Greek Iliad, the Odyssey by Homer, and "Enuma Ellish" of Sumerian writings. Even modern movies like The Gladiator hold up. Adventurous, heroic stories provide man with places and circumstances to practice and experiment prime ideas while yet in argument. 

“Patience” is, of course, a Victorious One's key word, especially when we look at the big eagle dominating the top of the card, and try to remember the eagle on the Changer's shoulder. The temptation to use powerful weapons of destruction to bring an argument to an end is not recommended, although it is widely accepted today.

While the Victorious-One is occupying the card's reading, it lets one access the creative/imaginative facility of the mind, but for practice purposes only! One must know when he or she is not ready yet for “real-time” performance. There are environmental changes happening especially in home or work places where a routine visiting habit has been formed. May also indicate male quality as ruled by old and conservative image of what a man should be like.  At times, this card may define fanatic behavior and religious obsessions.



The number 7 is a changing method of practice and is akin to the Victorious-One in any daily shape and form. Number 7 cards accompanying their master, will show the nature of upcoming challenges involved thereafter.

Brief Overview: 1) Indicates walking away from the war by performing environmental changes instead of fighting the current. 2) Developing skills and attaining great discipline. 3) Transformation of one's self-identity. 4) Moving to another home. 5) Exploration of different places, new methods of practice and other ways of thinking.

Common Implication: War and peace; Strategy; Skills; Tasks; Practice; Nobility; Pride; Maleness; Religion; Fanatical ideas; New home; Real estate; Natural heritage.

Physical location: Home or location of property.


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