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This Group of 14 Cards is consisting of RED 1-10 Numbers and 4 AUTHORITY (or royalty) CARDS.

Spiritual Consciousness - Fire Element.

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Belief Structure is Made to Elevate Soul Energy from Fire into Light.

The Red Cards reveal the intense energy that dominates our life experience from the innermost hidden Soul memory of Creation. Soul consciousness lurks in hidden places, such as what our ancients referred to as Hades, the underworld, where the pyre of fury (fire) is radiating its way up through our simple daily lives. 

Soul energy travels on a temperature scale of Fire and can be translated through our most aggravating human responses as well as uplifting and enlightened experiences.


The journey of the Soul is described here as the middle shaft within a Pyramid which is a measurement formula that was well established long ago to provide us with a graph like view of one's innermost and hidden belief structure.

The Pyramid resembles the physical body that is made of 3 consciousness.


The fire condition of energy is expressed through frustrations and anger and is purified when directed in a creative manner upward, toward meaningful belief structure and goals. Creative energy breathes life into the physical matter and in the process of self-purification it tends to be minimized in order to approach the Apex ( high point) of the visionary realm (zero temperature).

A vision that has reached its full Apex of expression (the pyramid's height), explores in a lightning flash of self-recognition that is immediately received by the body in a shivering signal of appreciation.


That kind of energy being released through the body is extremely high in frequencies and can be used for healing other bodies of consciousness as well as the physical. {Vision transforms into pure energy in a form of an infrared electromagnetic wavelength or radioactive laser ray, indicating that creation is happening with an optical tool only by which no more physical reproduction is necessary.}


1 Two Headed Serpent Tarot Card Red Vision Idea

I Am Vision & Idea.



The One Two-Headed Serpent is an inspiration card indicating the ability to present ideas in ways that others can easily relate to, accept, and understand.


The center of the artwork comes to revive a soul memory of the pyre of fire that is generating energy from the core of physical life, the under world. This place resembles the primordial aspect of the fetus, before any acknowledgment of thought formation and intelligence is perceived.


To present ideas in a visual way is an enormous task, requiring that the beginning and end of those ideas will be somewhat announced in order to make a point. When a visual idea is well presented, it no longer belongs to its deliverer (not yet a creator) but reaches out for viewers who may actually see and make their own interpretations.

2 Two Headed Serpent Tarot Card Red Balance

I Am Balance.



The Two Two-Headed Serpent is an equilibrium card, where balance is a key word in our reality as well as any other reality. For nothing will ever survive time unless based on perfect balance.


Pay attention to how the middle shaft is equally dividing and uniting the artwork. The contrast of cold and hot colors (blue and red), creates an extremely magnetic source of energy to be rejuvenated by


This card is one of the loveliest, confirming the fact that one is perfectly aligned with Creation's elements. It spreads onto those ones who come around, being the right people to have at this time. This could apply to children, animals and those special loved ones.

3 Two Headed Serpent Tarot Card Red Decision

I Am Decision.



The Three Two-Headed Serpent is a card of excellence, indicating the best consideration of all rudiments participating in a decision-making. 


The decision maker is triggered by inner drive of Soul knowledge, which cannot be totally explained or proved to be right, wrong, or even real.  


This card indicates the highest qualities found within the Human realm as far as precision, perfection and performance, especially when it comes to demonstrating talent, skills, and ability.

The upside-down Pyramid at the center of the artwork, resembles the configuration of the highest qualities as being achieved through the underworld tasks of bravery and resourcefulness. 

4 Two Headed Serpent Tarot Card Red Completion

I Am Completion.



The Four Two Headed-Serpent is a “done deal” card, followed by immediate actions and outcomes. This card is an indication of swift performance enhanced by one's ability to put things, people, issues, and circumstances all together in order to bring an urgent issue to a successful completion. 

Pay attention to the ribbons emerging from the four corners of the artwork as making ways for the middle sphere to go about. It almost looks like a gift wrapping of a package, a delivery of the final creation that is almost ready for the recipients who asked for it. 


The character defined here is of a trustworthy and reliable one who manages to complete a task from its beginning stages to the last finishing seal. 

5 Two Headed Serpent Tarot Card Red Stress Anger

I Am Stress & Anger.



The Five Two Headed-Serpent is a card that signifies a frustration that may rise up with the questioning of one's own belief structure, only to find out where self-denial has been permitted. 

Any action taken against oneself would result in nervous tendencies and a great amount of inner distress. Therein, placed to experience discomfort, one surely becomes self-conscious and unsecured. 

The artwork displays snakes that are emerging from a secluded box located somewhere beneath, under, or inside other things. The snakes have no place to go and although they are freed from the box, they remain closed in a new type of prison. 

This card relates to an ongoing issue that has not been acknowledged yet. Its character is noncommittal and defines one who is with secrets. 

6 Two Headed Serpent Tarot Card Red Arrangement

I Am Arrangement.



The Six Two Headed-Serpent is a nice card that comes to soften and mellow the present situation for all participants involved. 

It is a very satisfying card that shows us how to divide our inner space and not only from a designer's or stylist's point of view. Thus suggestive of  exhibiting our individual self-portrait as made of what we consider first priorities

The artwork presents a helpful method of organizing one's living environment (apartment, home, workplace, car), to enhance individual territory as resembled by the 3 dominating snakes. As right away, they are letting the 3 visiting snakes to know who is the master of this domain. 

7 Two Headed Serpent Tarot Card Red Evaluation

I Am Evaluation.



The Seven Two Headed-Serpent is a shy card, indicating an indecisive self-stand caused by past memories of humiliating experiences. It signifies one who is stuck in a place that is not here nor there. 

This card calls for revaluation of self-efforts and energy put toward specific goals, especially while not producing the desired results. This is especially effective when dealing with the sum amount of materials, stuff, space, personal achievements, etc., by which one may win or lose. Such an obscuring concept is denying one from experiencing his/her self-recognition for what it really is.

The artwork resembles the crawling snakes (worms) of the lowest  on of the physical life, to the old world's great serpents of glory, wisdom and medicine. r

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8 Two Headed Serpent Tarot Card Red Swift Passage

I Am Swift Passage.



The Eight Two Headed-Serpent is a fast card, indicating a smooth passing experience with little or no speed bumps. 

This card is most welcome when one needs to confirm the direction, precision, and achievement of an immediate goal. 

It also comes as a reminder to stay awake, able, and fully focused during present happenings, as swiftness is yet dependent on one's willingness, effort, and actual participation by using the open roads therein provided. 


The artwork simply offers the traveler a road to advance by as long as it is kept vacant and free of obstacles. Thus a suggestion is made to enjoy the road while available by not allowing interference that may arouse from having a fixed idea of destination, time, and mode of travel.  red tarot cards  red tarot cards   red tarot cards   red tarot cards   red tarot cards   

9 Two Headed Serpent Tarot Card Red Together

I Am Together.



The Nine Two Headed-Serpent is a strong card, referring to the special collaboration of certain elements that are mature and well defined.

According to nature's selection of the finest ingredients, these elements are chosen to take part in the making of something important. 

Therefore, any ephemeral passing, temporarily assisting, or just lingering element that does not belong to the above mentioned ingredients is going to drop off. 


There is a fragment of greatness found in the artwork, as it captures a congress of nine mighty birds gathering in full attention toward one central source of energy at the middle shaft. This sacred meeting scene, is partially exposing an old fire-ritual once conducted by the mighty members of the Bird Tribe. (Native American Indian). 

I Am Force & Pressure.



The Ten Two Headed-Serpent is a disturbing card which tends to apply extra stress and pressure on top of aggravation, especially at times when one wished it would all just go away. 

This card indicates high impact and a provocative exaggeration of certain events as being presented by loud volume. This is done for the purpose of compression which is meant to deliver a more direct and effective request. 

But so often, the influence of such a volume manages to obscure the main subject it is trying to deliver and disturb the immediate surroundings of any related entities. 

When looking at the artwork, notice the inflammatory field around the serpents, as almost too many of them are currently occupying the card's space.

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10 Two Headed Serpent Tarot Card Red Force Pressure
Authority Cards Red


Knight Two Headed Serpent Tarot Card Red Energy

I Am Authority of Energy.



The Knight Two-Headed Serpent is a spiritual breakthrough card, which applies to the other 3 consciousness of creation.

The red rider is welcomed by the force of fire and invited to access an endless journey through the source of energy and force that is located at the center of the earth.  The Red Knight signifies the male aspect of nature and his drive may be compared to an engine's horsepower, yet fury and vigor are well directed by this lover man, although they are coming from the lowest aspect of creation.  He rides the red path up toward the inevitable transformation of fire anger into pure energy.  The artwork is showing the knight's journey as a metaphoric one, as he remains in an energy form, not a person. His horse is suggestive of a sacred unicorn rather than a means of transportation.

This card is paving the way toward completion of major goals and tasks as its character is of no-hesitation, being resourceful and inventive. This one does not make a plan, as he rather improvises momentary solutions only when a problem arises.

Brief Overview: 1) This card also refers to a hot-blooded male, dark skinned people, Native Americans, Africans, Irish, Arabs, and Hindus. 2) Artistic and psychic abilities. 3) Unstoppable energy which cannot take no as an answer.


Common Implication: Artists; Spiritual breakthroughs; Enthusiasm; Spirituality; Intuition; Invention; Improvisation; Creativity; Crafts; Psychic ability; Religious experiences; Prophecy; Resourcefulness; Revolution; Anger;  Energy.

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Queen Two Headed Serpent Tarot Card Red Psyche

I Am Authority of Psyche.


The Queen Two-Headed Serpent is an awakening card, delivering both opposing sides of the matter to a level ground of mutual understanding.  The Red Queen knows herself as she is, and the more coherent she becomes with the apparent manifestation of her personal life, the more she can see into the hearts, minds, and souls of others. The artwork shows her uniting both heads of one serpent, as she is connecting the birth of a beginning idea and its physical end-result under one will and intent.


This card indicates the deepest understanding of psychology to be the prime motivation for all past actions and future fulfillments. The interpretation of one's psyche comes from pure insight of an individual who uses the creative mind in order to deliver a full story without limiting its subject to what is assumed proper (right or wrong). This card defines a character of the psychic domain, sure of itself and responsible to be carrying the burden of others towards a promised ground of safety.


This card refers to astrological influence of the Fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Brief Overview: 1) May relate to shaman, pagan, Wicca, and the witches (preferred dark hair and pale skin). 2) Women of great charisma, stature, and creative/artistic abilities.


Common Implication: Self-knowledge; Experience; Insight. Psychic woman; Witchery; Pagan; Shaman; Wicca; Crafts; Spirituality; Creativity; Open-mindedness; Great energy; Psychology; Trustworthy; Reliable.

Prince Two Headed Serpent Tarot Card Red Expression

I Am Authority of Expression.



The Prince Two-Headed Serpent is a tormenting card, cut short in the process of trying to deliver an extremely simple message. This turns out to be a life-long process.  The Red Prince is trying to make a point of self-definition, but a civilization-load of like experiences which have already been expressed by others is tearing big holes in his/her philosophical theories. The need to express one-self is as real as eating or breathing, if not more. In fact, the human intellectual achievement has managed to put our necessities into a whole different hierarchy of the classic food chain.


The artwork portrays a figure that is neither male nor female that through gesture is willing to expose its inner most intimate aspect of self.  Thus, at that point of self-expression, one must ask thy-self: “Does it really matter who one is, or is it truth that any chosen self can be acted upon…as, nowadays acting performance shows us. 

This card is indicating an acting time whereas any character may be used in order to address one's own self-expression.

Brief Overview: 1) Acting skills, and when combined with the actor, a successful role in the movies, television, or the theater. 2) Homosexuality or sexual duality applied to men and women. 3) The need to make a point. 4) Argument 


Common Implication: Self-expression; Confrontation; Make a point; Anger; Frustration; Acting; Waiting tables; Hate service; Male dominant energy in a female format; Gay and lesbian; Sexy; Actors; Double face/hypocrisy. 

Princess Two Headed Serpent Tarot Card Red Surprise

I Am Authority of Surprise.



The Princess Two-Headed Serpent is a spontaneous card that reveals no details or information about something that is going to happen … very soon. The Red Princess is unpredictable, as she tends to move in the heat of a moment, a place any Buddhist would have liked to be in.  Nevertheless, she does it effortlessly, without any common spiritual preparation. 


To understand the surprise element of the moment, one must be not only young at heart, but also naive, innocent, and a bit foolish.  Who else would have gone into the void of time itself just to come back with a …surprise?  The Red Princess does so.


This courageous and curious card supports the brave little ones that happen to open the gates of heaven for the wiser, older souls with weak hearts. Its character is daring to be different then anybody else and is due to experience great difficulties in early age, yet greater life at older age.

Brief Overview: 1) Overcoming present difficulties. 2) Young and feisty little girls who are more than ready to do something …very crazy.


Common Implication: Surprise; Unpredictable events and behavior;  Spontaneity; Risks; Impulse; Youth; Danger; Stupidity; Irresponsibility; Selfishness; Miss-carriage; Drifting; Instinct; A kiss and a smile. 

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