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Self-announcement: I Am Power.

Hebrew letter:  DALETH - represents: OPINION.



The real world is a simulated-experience defined as ACTION. Action is Creation's grandchild (boy) who was born out of an equal conflict between a mother and daughter.

All Emperors are thus destined to die, for every action taken, is an announcement of one's greater desire for REST.  The Universe of action, of which we are all a part, is connected to the Still Universe, of which we know not. Yet, it is given now to know more of it although it is invisible.


The book of the Actor is a breakdown of all physical manifestation, back to the fundamental core where cause and effect are made clear.

The Actor is master of performance, providing the physical stage with necessary private and worldwide acts.  

He is operating from an independent position that is offering endless options and possibilities, but he himself is mostly aware of only that which is relevantly considered as being real. Thus, by actually making the rules by which all agree to play, he seems capable of performing ongoing actions better than his competitors and he is yet believed to affect all participants by simply running the show as a natural leader.

The book of the Actor is a breakdown of all physical manifestation, back to the fundamental core where cause and effect are made clear.

Without the awareness of the played parts and roles, which primarily originate in another place and time – the Still Universe, the Actor's position displays the Functioning Universe only. It is a place where actions and reactions may conceal an obscure meaning of the overall realm of creation and therein found misinterpreting the meaning of true power.

The Actor demonstrates the paradox between truth and lies, only to realize in the end that all lies are but truth and the biggest lie IS truth itself.  Rarely has an actor ever been asked to actually understand his or her own act, as it is meant for all of us, the audience, to see the act and ponder it.

However, the actor need only act!



The fourfold resembles the pyramid floor where the Actor plays the physical role at the 4th corner. The other 3 corners are occupied by the previous steps of creation 1st Changer, 2nd Mother, and third Feeler.

The development of the four steps of creation is seen as a functioning reality where physical actions seem obvious as long as they are captured visually or proven logically. But the emotional portion as well as the spiritual are yet made less obvious and require special viewing tools in order to be recognized. The 4th step of creation is thus functioning as an obvious effect to a hidden cause which can be uncovered by ways of reversed analogies.

A Hypercube in mathematics may be the best example of the Fourfold as it is the four-dimensional analogue of a cube, that has four square faces meeting at each vertex. (It is fairly hard to draw a cube on paper, as this requires representing a 3-dimensional solid in 2 dimensions, but to draw a hypercube requires using 2 dimensions to represent a 4-dimensional solid). Each corner is one of the 4 steps of creation yet all 3 first steps (Changer, Mother, Feeler) are proven to produce the 4th corner in a chronological order of manifestation.  Therefore, we are going to review our creation's elements in a reversed order (from 4 to 1).

4. We are examining the fourfold from the Actor's 4th corner of creation which is an active reality that is functioning independently from the rest of creation's realm. Yet, we cannot see ourselves truly as much obscure information is given through meaningless actions, unless SELF is being viewed from the Feeler's 3rd corner of the Pyramid's floor which is the imagined reality as conducted by one's will and desire.

3. Once we are exploring ourselves from the Feeler's 3rd realm, we are in a triangle shape of the holy trinity as derived by a passionate, emotional relationship between Creator – Creation – and - Creature. We cannot fully define our true will of creation because we are now emotionally relating to all three participants, unless we are being detached emotionally and connected spiritually when self is viewed from the Mother's 2nd corner of the Pyramid's floor as revealing the invisible energy format of our creation.

2. We enter the Mother's 2nd realm of equation by actually narrowing down our belief structure to the minimum survival requirements (do or die), but not fully acquainted with the chaos of natures forces, we may have difficulties trying to put our self-portrait in order. Nonetheless, we must be viewed from the Changer's 1st realm of the Pyramid's floor where faith is revealed as was given unto creator's main idea of creation.

1. If we manage to enter the Changer's 1st realm of thought and inspiration, we must give thanks to the rare faith in truth that makes this event possible. Now, we are awake inside a dot (0) that requires existence of no space or time, whereas the main idea that started the creation of Who You Are…no longer matters. Why? Because the still universe we are now in becomes the home we seek… and the question therein provoked by the Changer, was only meant to lead us to this point of self-arrival.

Furthermore, that may be the reason why so very few are the ones who ever made it to this point… and it is indeed a point of no return.

(Regardless, we have to make our point and describe the process).


The Actor in the middle of the card is apparently stepping over a sleepy lion. This visual demonstration of power imposed over true royalty is vaguely giving away the fact that the Actor may not be a real king himself.

Pay close attention and see that his feet hardly touch the lion's body, as if he is afraid of what's going to happen if real power is to wake up.

On his chest, he is wearing the copper tablet of the old Hebrew/Egyptian high priest Cohan as he also uses the religious-spiritual world from a position of control. The stars behind him represent the universe and are being lowered down to the level of the stage that he dominates, as if all great ideas had been shrunken small to fit this mind's capacity. However, the one white, little dot inside the empty mask (black hole) he is wearing (can you see it?) gives away the fact that this state of mind is universal, after all, although not fully aware.

Being the Actor is no easy task. Although much respect comes his way from ones of a lesser position of power, the fact is that nobody really loves him other than Feelers, of course, who would fall in love with an abusive image of a male.

Actors do not give their heart easily - if at all.


If the Actor appears in your reading, please do not be affected by the show (current situation you are in) but rather go beyond the inevitable or move about your business. Know that things are not what they seem to be and that all the little things in the background that seem unimportant at the moment may end up to be very important after all.


The number 4 means completion of short cycles and is akin to the Actor. All 4 cards in a reading with the Actor will show the effectiveness of current actions and how to dominate others who are included in that scene.

Brief Overview: 1) Taking care of business. 2) Taking control over a situation. 3) Dominating or even manipulating others in order to get things moving. 4) Being totally independent. 5) Some good business opportunities are coming your way. Be not asleep.

Common Implication: Independence; Power; Control; Business; Domination; Theater; Games; Manipulation; Politics; Federal authorities.

Physical location: An entertainment area or a performance venue.

4 The Actor makes a natural and equal pair of opposition with 18 The Reacter card as the first one plays the role of a predator and the other is being prey.


The actor is a set up card meant to alert the reader in regards to the truth of the matter. Its advise is to draw conclusions from the actions being presented rather than believing the words that are being said as actions speaks louder then words! Actors would always demonstrate true intention by the action they take… yet in order to hide territorial and predatory intent they obscure themselves with otherwise accommodating way of speech.

Nonetheless, actors can make good leaders being able to put many individual aspects to work together in order to achieve a shared goal.  


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