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Self-Announcement: I Am Master of Wisdom.

Hebrew Letter:  TETH - represents: EXPERIENCE.

Law of Creation Number 9:  THERE IS ONLY ONE DIRECTION.


Wisdom is looking at things from angles not found in a straight line of thinking. Wisdom uses a curved line of optical perception instead, which is a circular spiral of motion centered around the Hermit's ideas which may become whole at time of completion.


Wholeness is determined by open-mindedness and is validated when one idea is made into many practical conclusions. The Seeker is a master of compression, which functions as an assisting agent in focusing one's mind in the right direction. His best advice comes in handy at times when it is most needed, but it requires one's permission to allow the removal of all past obstacles for the sake of present clarity.


We can look at The Seeker's card from both sides, upright and reversed, which implies an exploration into the psychological depth of the subconscious mind, and up to the surface of rational understanding. Both modes of the mind are necessary to configure one's behavior and reason.

The Seeker Tarot card is a place to resolve all mental and psychic dilemmas, a place where wisdom begins its sprouting from the roots of one's far memory of self. These past statements are constructing the basis for future prediction. Psychology is a modernization of the Greek mythology term, psyche and describes a mental condition analyzed by one's deepest and most primal comprehension of matters determining one's behavior, action, and judgment.

The Seeker Tarot card is a place to resolve all mental and psychic dilemmas, a place where wisdom begins its sprouting from the roots of one's far memory of self

The Seeker is at the left side of the card, walking along the path of light pointed toward a mountaintop where the extremities of snow and fire exist. His nakedness indicates honest and pure intent.

The headband covering the eyes suggests that he is using inner vision and insight rather than taking notes of the outward appearance of his current situation.

He starts at the bottom of the mountain where his stuff is laid on the ground, meaning past achievements must be disregarded. Every time of seeking is a new journey and may bring different achievements based on new conclusions.


A woman at the right corner of the card is walking to the city in the far distance while carrying a book and a basket loaded with goods. She takes her stuff with her on a journey that is well predicted from departure to arrival. She follows the book's guiding material and instructions.

We are thus presented with two roads, or ways of understanding our psyche. The woman's path suggests the benefits of using conventional psychology to improve our personal or social life and career.

The other road is that of the true seeker, suggesting no material benefits or any guarantee of success to be found at the mountaintop. This road offers a brainstorm of enthusiasm and lots of life experience as portrayed by the psychedelic sky above the mountaintop.

The Seeker points to the path of wisdom as a choice that we can take onward or leave behind. It is thus perfectly aligned with the Hermit trump, giving us an option to see ourselves from the outside as well as the inside.

Do not seek in vain, says the Seeker, but look around your present arena for what is missing or hidden beneath the pile of possessions. And before applying conclusions to matters, remember - that which we seek is found not at a far distance.

When the Seeker's card comes in a reading, be advised to focus your mind in one direction and do not let yourself run around with excuses. It may be wise to take time out, away from the people you know or places you used to visit regularly and be like the Hermit, but only for a while, as the Seeker tells you to always move onward towards a new experience.

He says, Take what you need and go on to the next thing. Letting go of that which is of no use any more usually helps in gaining essential clarity of direction before one is ready to begin his/her real work.


Being the Seeker is a temporary period of time.

When walking the path of wisdom, one may find the journey to be very lonely. In fact, the narrow path of light is designed for the very few, and even then for only one at a time. Most people would find the actual experience to be uncomfortable in general, if not unpleasant.

So often it happens that the path propels the journeyer through esoteric methods and practices of spiritual traditions. Nonetheless, seekers must not stay too long with others’ concepts of truth, but merely take what is momentarily needed and move on by using the jewels discovered along the road. Eventually, Seekers find their own truths through the experience and thereby become the future Doers. An advancement is stated for us to remember: “The deeper you go, the higher you'll get”.


The number 9 indicates completion of large cycles and is akin to the Seeker. When 9 cards are found in a reading with their master, they will specify advice needed for the time being.

Brief Overview: 1) Focusing in one direction. 2) Indicates a period of isolation where psychological or therapeutic work is being done. 3) The urge to clean house and let go of the false and unnecessary. 4) Involvement with research.

Common Implication: Advice; Consultation; Direction; Research; Psychology; Photography; Analysis; Theories; Quietness; Precision; Depth; Old age; Wisdom.

Physical location: High mountains and deep valleys.


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