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the cup of wine

Self-Announcement: I Am Master of Destiny.

Hebrew letter: YOD - represents: HIGH BORN.

Law of Creation Number 10:   THERE IS ONLY ONE DESTINY.


Our personal "Destiny" is born out of a universal law of “Free Will” which is but One Creator's will.

It is important to know this, for knowing where one came from is also knowing  where one goes.  This is definitely a new way to relocate oneself in a universe, where no signs or directions are needed and everything moves by "self-attraction," using electromagnetic fields of identity.


The Cup of Wine located at the lower right side of the card indicates mastery of old secrecy which is fully activated when the Royal Maze is in the same reading with all four 10 cards.


The Royal-Maze is master teller of life-stories, based on soul memories of many lives. Each personal life-story retains fragments of the overall Universal Story of Creation that runs on electromagnetic wavelengths of receptors (zeros) and deliverers (ones), spread throughout all different dimensions. These fragments come to life as chains of events happening in correlation to time periods which appear to be not of the ordinary.


Tarot Card 10 Royal Maze

The Royal Maze is what we call DESTINY.

Look at the Royal-Maze and notice the dimensional rings sprouting from the center of a cube. The final ring is yellow, which is the color of the physical reality like the stone of age, and it means that this whole maze is being viewed from where we are right now. Thus limited by what we are able to physically see and comprehend.


The maze is after the crown at the center, which contains five jewels made of precious stones, suggesting that the maze’s participants are of royal status.


Two lions at the bottom of the Royal Maze card are holding the maze up for all to see. They perform in elevation of the Victorious-One’s black and white lions, which indicates that the same old perception of good versus evil is to be finally elevated by the receptors and deliverers of the maze. Although these diversities seem to still be competing to achieve the middle crown of power, their lion’s tail is ironically entangled into one. The word tail sounds just like the word tale, and perhaps both adversaries are telling the same story that is tailored in two opposite fashions. Is it possible that perhaps in the end/tail of this universal tale, both opposites share but one destiny?


In fact, as we get to watch the royal maze of our own human history moving like the golden chain (at the top of card) from one generation to another, we may come to realize that the equal pair of opposites is a concept made solid ground for the Law Of Magnetism to be the middle shaft, holding the multidimensional cube up for all universal players to come and go through.


The black and white lions are thus demonstrating a war sign that serves as a warning for the maze’s participants to keep up the tension between oppositions, suggesting neither destruction nor peace making.


In order to tap into destiny, one has to loosen up his/her mind a little and be willing to welcome the un-ordinary by ways of becoming somewhat un-ordinary even before one is able to attract its own kind. This statement is in accordance with the law of magnetism, where each individual is the center of a magnetic field which will attract only that which is of itself to begin with.  Therein, the achievement of one’s true SELF is the first destination, even before entering the maze. Otherwise, one who is sending confusing signals of self is due to be magnetizing nothing but confusion.


We (the people) are welcome to carry on the story of creation through our personal life expressions. However, if we are predetermined to live our lives according to others’ expectations such as parents’ will or society’s etc., then there is no room left for destiny to come in.


The Royal Maze is a time concept that is all-inclusive of past, future, and present. The one who entered his/her destiny ought to recollect the memory of thy-self from all times and bring it back to the center of no time (1 and 0 which is 10). Those who live life in this manner are considered royalty (not to be confused with kingly royal families) and are free to use imagination and creativity (might as well be technology) as universal means of transportation. We call those people time travelers.


When the Royal-Maze wanders into your reading, you are being advised to be present in the “here and now.” Be awake and approach the current like a lion, with no fear, judgment, or personal preferences. Pay attention to the relationship between Royal-Maze and its correlated trump card, the Wheel of Fortune, where being “fortunate” means to be living a life that is true to the universal story of creation and not just somebody’s dictation of what it should be.


Think about this. How fortunate is the one who above all, lives a real life story and engages with his or her worst enemy, only to realize that it was all about unity (in the end, of course) between two lovers.

The number 10 indicates a time frame and is akin to the Royal-Maze. Any 10 card that accompanies its master in a reading will shed some secret light on events that are ruled by destiny.


Brief Overview: 1) Indicates a time factor in relation to ongoing events. 2) Events that are taking place right now are of great importance. 3) Destiny is being presented, and one is thus not able to change the course of life. 4) Be secretive about private affaires.  5) Pay attention to the un ordinary.

Common Implication: Destiny; Time frame; Target; Synchronicity.

Richness; Abundance; Health and wealth; Holographic principles; Illusion; Higher cause.


Physical location: - Time clash. Present Time.

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