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Self-announcement:  I Am Master of Prophecy.

Hebrew Letter:  NUN - represents: COMPOSITION.



Art refers to Pure Alchemy, and it requires perfect contrast as produced by a male and female pair of opposites, where each contains one hundred percent of the other within its own self. When placed on a line of equation, single ideas must contain their opposites, as both extend from one central point of conception to form two straight lines of positive and negative thoughts, much like a conversation or debate.


Ideas that do not exhibit this composition are nothing but linguistic definitions based on total absence of their opposites. Thus are they conditioned to cancel each others existence through time, mostly by being false ideas.

The Reverser is master of alchemy, blending ingredients into new artistic compositions, but even before that, he demonstrates a primal basis of space-division, making the blueprint for future creations to come.

Space division is the designer/architect artwork based on geometry and symmetry. As with a tiny little exaggeration of one measurement over another, the final result may end up deformed, unstable, or mutated. The ability to read the  blueprint hidden beneath all manifested ideas such as things, events, and situations, determines the accuracy of future predictions.

Tarot Card 14 The Reverser is master of alchemy, blending ingredients into new artistic compositions, but even before that, he demonstrates a primal basis of space-division, making the blueprint for future creations to come.

The REVERSER IS “master of prophecy” provides creators with access to one of life's innermost planes of creation which enable timeless vision. (NOT IMAGINATION).

The figure of the reverser at the center of the card is neither male nor female. He is demonstrating both, while forming an equal pair of oppositions where each sex contains perfect memory of the other. Thus, each is able to reproduce, imitate, or even mutate the basic qualities of its mate in the event that a sexual reevaluation is needed to maintain natural balance.

This shift of qualities can also be used to promote each others sexual extremities towards perfect evolution or mutation of the race. This may explain some homosexuality issues of today, as our race is striving for chemical balance, (especially while being altered by the growing gene engineering technology). Nowadays, the sexual picture of men and women indicates a reversal period where, in fact, the loss of sexual identity on behalf of both male and female is being rapidly replaced by the opposing sex that is imitating the other. Regardless of fashion and style, we are exhibiting enormous sexual distress while trying to preserve ourselves from becoming a homogenized race on the verge of distinction.

The perfect female element contains a male energy of sun/fire and the perfect male would equally contain female elements such as moon/water. These qualities are clearly presented by the figure at the center of the card, which maintains perfect balance while reversing the natural flows of fire and water, where water goes up and fire goes down.


We may ask, “Why is he doing this?”  Water, by nature, will always obey the laws of gravity by streaming downwards, whereas fire will forever radiate through gravity as governed by the law of gases. Well, the reversing process comes to validate the fire/water pair of opposites to be an equal pair, which under specific critical conditions would not only adapt to the behavior and value of its mate, but is also capable of reproducing it... if so needed.

In the upper portion of the card, there is a black hawk in the far sky crossing the sun's path. This means a lunar eclipse as hawk represents the spirit of the Moon, and eclipses, both solar and lunar, are considered the best time for self-validation and reversal of circumstances.


When the reverser imposes an eclipse over the cards, know in your heart that your way is the only way, and although one may not be able to fully explain why, the direction being now presented must be trusted and embraced. Remember that what seems to be perfect for everyone is not necessarily going to work for you. By reversing a situation to the other way around, one may get a better understanding of self and others.

This is a simple reminder that states: “That which you are saying to others is really meant for you to hear, and when they speak to you, they are really telling the truth about themselves”.


Be aware of a shift in consciousness and the elements you are forming an alliance with, especially energies and flows of close ones such as roommates, friends, coworkers, and even pets. Know your own flows at all times, and make sure that in the event of a consciousness shift, you are making it beneficial to all participants.

Also the  reverser type of relationship is unique and must leave plenty of room for individualism and self-definition. Otherwise, the eccentric individual person would not survive the experience.


People relate to the reverser are often become the best designers, architects, and computer graphic artists. They are people of style and precise taste, blessed with vision that penetrates the viewer from deep beneath the obvious appearance of things. They also possess some of the best psychic qualities and can easily develop techniques that allow them to read other people's minds. This talent comes naturally to open-minded ones who can shift with the immediate environment for lack of judgment.

At times, it seems as if homosexuality, drugs, and alcoholism manage to serve Reverse-rs as subways of expressing eccentric habitation and originality.



The number 5 indicates truth and is akin to the reverser.  All number 5 cards in a reading will explain the conflicting elements presented in certain events and the shift of consciousness that is taking place in order to resolve the argument.

Brief Overview: 1) Indication of artistic qualities. 2) Dramatic events might indicate an equation of opposing qualities. 3) Specific advice is being given in order to reverse a situation to your favor. 4) This is time for one's way or no way. 5) There is a shift in consciousness taking place.

Common Implication: Reversing situation; Eclipse; Composition; Sexual tendencies; Eccentrics; Habitation; Hallucination, alcoholism; Designers, architects, gifted cooks, chemists, sculptures, physics.

Physical location: Nearby places or the neighborhood.


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