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the cup of light


Universe - World.

Self-announcement:  I Am Master of Free Will.

Hebrew Letter:  SHIN - represents: BREATHING.



The virgin or the Universe demonstrates a perfect environment for light to move freely through imaginary space and from one thought-manifested body to another.  The Universe is made a home for the Virgin to travel alone. To travel light.

The Cup of Light in the upper left corner of the virgin tarot card indicates mastery of the Light Body and the nature of astral traveling beyond the physical limitations of needed space and time. This mastery is activated when the Virgin is in a reading with all four number 3 cards.


The creative heartbeat of the Universe appears in a sound wave signal that is metaphorically perceived as the great I AM of self-initiation, a self which knows no mental boundaries of expression. 


The virgin brings about the acceptance of the “I AM” and it requires total freedom of being-ness, in which the multi-face's spectrum of oneself come to life in full colors. The event of being-ness signifies one, who is entering the beginning stages of awakening as it makes a conscious realization of what true Love is all about. (The little that we know).

The virgin is love that is depicted in this study as Motion, not E-motion.

The Virgin tarot card is master of free-will that enables her to maneuver through diverse obstacles while performing motion skills that can undo any limited space and time conditions (our 3rd D reality).

The virgin or the Universe demonstrates a perfect environment for light to move freely through imaginary space and from one thought-manifested body to another

These nun ordinary mobility skills, announces certain individualists to be the Virgin type. The virgin type people take their freedom of motion as justified by self-righteousness. People, who does not wait until others permit that he or she is free to be and to become, regardless of common social rules, Virgins get to define a unique statement of true self coordinated and aligned with life's Universal will.


Being The Virgin is being an individual who is committed to please his/her primal urges first.

While The virgin types are going through the process of self-identification (initiation of the I AM), they may exhibit a diverse reaction to the above description, as the individual is moved by a self-expression that is willingly chosen from a wide variety of options and possibilities, while holding back from merging with the universal permission of freeing one-self.  The time-consuming process required of each individual for self-initiation, captures a variety of tasks, to be significantly achieved by the initiate during a period in which life itself is providing its executing nature of an experience that is perfectly aligned in accordance with the individual's personal placement within the story of creation.


It is advisable that the Virgin does not dwell for too long in questioning life and self, as she may be found trapped in the middle of zero (0) meaning (see the 0 of 22 roses at center of the card). A Virgin who lost the universal meaning of her life journey, may have to exist (survive) under compromising conditions, that are too complicated to bear, and, in most circumstances, she/he will shrink and die like a wild bird in a tiny cage.


The Virgin type must remain independent adventurers and in constant motion.

The Virgin type figure is at the center of an oval (0) made of twenty-two red roses. The virgin is (universally) initiated to freely excess the center of her true being-ness, a place that is no place at all, where time and space mean nothing (zero).

This central position is achieved by a compressed state of untamed being from whence the soul essence is traveling through life experiences (not to confuse with physical deportation of a body from point A to B) as unlimited by space and time, it is free to visit anywhere in the Universe.  


The virgin demonstrate the Universal method of self-traveling is fashioned in a stellar-like format by which the centered traveler, explores a multi-Dimensional journey – at once (supernova style – must see the movie Contact).

Freedom of being-ness is thus achieved by escaping our linear reality of short distance and measurements (diverted by black & white differentials) which are insecurity-based predictions of departure and arrival points (as projected on the outer ring's face of 360 degrees which is a fixed self-expression endlessly formed in an empty 0 zero container of 100% potential).

The Virgin manages to skip the outer surrounding ring of shallow communication and encounter instead with secluded ideas of creation, by which inner space is transmitting through high frequency wave rings of sound in order to vacate the empty space inside the (0) zero ring of full potential.  Such ideas are being musically received from metallic radio waves of silver and gold, which are like invisible (inner vision) radio-active / x-rays.


Metallic qualities resemble a universal density (expansion and compression) of conscious relation between the physical world and the universal creation.

The color Yellow in the virgin tarot card indicates the physical body of the world and is commonly associated with the Sun's White day light, but when inner communication expands visually, Yellow is engaged with the Moon's Silver night light instead and is therein transmuting into Gold.

The virgin contains Gold, which is the most stable ray of light, placed upright as the middle shaft of magnetism by which are all created bodies divided - in order to be united. The upright middle shaft (ankh) is thus defining the height of each creation while invisibly supporting it from within a stronghold that is associated with the one Creator (father energy) expression of love for all of his Creation.

Silver is associated with the born Son of Creator and Creation and contains all of the colors. It horizontally demonstrates a line of equation that supports all sex divisions of creation.

Considering all of the above, we realize that the Virgin at the center functions as a transmitter or a communication device by which metallic light rays of love between father and son (as formed by the cross) are being broadcast into the earth's radio wave level of sound reception (as for being a mother creation).


The Virgin types are thus called “Light Bringers” as this is best captured by the reversed Cup of Light at the upper left corner of the card. They sure move through life in mysterious ways that amazes others by capability and efficiency. These qualities can only resemble true Virgins who are using the transmitting properties of the golden cup of light while keeping the whole world connected to its universal source of creation.


The horse at the bottom of the virgin tarot card is waiting for the Virgin to come after a period of self-redemption. But the horse shouldn't be held waiting too long because it will be feeding meanwhile, and chances are that by the time she is ready for the swift ride, the horse will be too lazy and heavy. A horse always indicates one's mobile power of transportation (as we still measure a vehicle's performance by horsepower).

Thus, the Virgin type must be advised not to settle down in one place for too long or be spoiled by physical treats and pleasures (as to demobilizing their horsepower). They should remain a little hungry, willing, hoping, and even searching, anything but settling down and getting too comfortable.


The apple in the lower right corner of the virgin tarot card is a reward, almost like the Donor's apple which also means a volunteering type of universal work, but applied only once the Virgin has accomplished her mission, and Virgins are ALWAYS on a mission.

The double face at the upper right corner of the card is half boy half girl, indicating sexual duality that comes with true understanding of what an equal pair of oppositions means, as well as utilizing it to the current action.


If the Virgin travels through your cards today, know deep in your heart that, no matter what situation it is you are dealing with, you would not be able to break an old commitment between your knowing mind and desires of heart. This two consciousness must work in harmony in order for a mission to be truly accomplished.

This may be a great time to go on a journey. Traveling is necessary for the Virgin type, and if you are one, you'd better take yourself far away from the current situation in order to gain some inner clarity. This card is also an indication of fulfillment and a wish come true. People who relate to the Virgin must be very careful in their prayers and what they are blindly asking for, chances are it will come true… But a greater reward awaits the one who has learned how to ask aright.

The Virgin Tarot Card

The number 21 is considered a 3 (2+1=3) and indicates a decision made concerning future fulfillment. It is akin to the Virgin. All number 3 cards in a reading represent the achievements of major goals.

Brief Overview: 1) Indicates traveling, adventures, and a wish come true based on the universal law that entitles all living things to move by way of free will. 2) A natural heritage from the past will come true at the right time. 3) People who are assigned by the Universe to do special work.

Common Implication: A wish come true, achievement; Universal being, individuality; Traveling, freedom, long distance journey, missions; Strong will, versatility; Sexual breakthrough; The children of light; Unconditional love and respect.

Physical location: Far away places.


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