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Self-announcement: I Am Master of Creation

Hebrew Letter:  BETH - represents: ETERNITY.

Law of Creation Number 2:  CREATION IS PERFECT BALANCE.


The Mother Creation is a memory space - divided by time. Her responsibility as a mother, is only assumed by her Creations.  The High Priestess is not the mother but a loyal servant and guardian of Creation's secrets. While passing through and beyond the physical appearance of the earth world, there is another world yet to know, that of Creation.


Creation is a time concept manifested through EQUILIBRIUM, which is in charge of balancing nature's pairs of oppositions from beginning mental conception (number 1) through physical action (number 4) and, finally, void of rest (zero 0). Mother Creation is a Universal member thus bound not by planetary limitations as the Earth is. Her magical Nature is to be handled by a knowledgeable alchemist and not a wishful magician.


The Mother master's creation's domain while keeping an eternal balance between oppositions and paradoxical flows within all existing things. In our physical world, she appears as an oceanic spiral model of wave patterns and can easily be viewed from within the organic mechanism of nature. 


2 The Mother Tarot Cards High Priestess I Am One Tarot Deck

The Mother's demonstration must be accepted "as is," for her spherical appearance is of time and space, functioning as a directory that occupies memory. Each individual and living cell in nature is listed there and assigned a specific place within it.

Therein she is well remembered in the Soul Consciousness of all of nature's membranes, and just like the High Priestess, the mother dominates the spiritual world from a climax of fury that is yet to transform into pure energy. Especially nowadays as she is waking up from her long night's sleep of the soul, her energy level is rising up toward another creation cycle. Her spiritual responsibilities to her creations are concerned with energy dynamics more than the survival matters of the fetus.  The second law is thus suggestive of faith to be put in the balancing nature of creation as it is given the ultimate soul power of creator.


Standing at the center of the card, the mother is almost naked, a statement of innocent confrontation and vulnerability at the same time. In her right hand she is holding a thunder bolt (light, energy, electricity). In her left hand she is holding a white flower, which represents a commitment to promote one truth only, even the kind of truth one wishes not to accept. It is commonly thought that nature selects the strongest gene to survive times of change, and strength is proven to be of pure intelligence, swift adaptation, and habitation. Yet, it is her duty to provide the perfect final solution to all life arguments regardless of her creation's opinions.

That is especially reflecting on common ideas that Nature can be found unbalanced and may even give validation to a self-destructive human environment as the cause. This does not apply to what is stated in the second law as “Creation is Forever – BALANCE”.

The mother stands atop two red pillars rising up from beneath the ocean floor, which suggests the rising of deep intuition, a word derived from two Latin words. In and tuition put together means self-teaching.


Her legs are spread wide open in a provocative sexual statement announcing herself to be divided (not a virgin). Two birds of equal might are watching over her from left and right while uncovering her naked body, as if encouraging one's thoughts to go beyond the physical appearance of what we consider sex. The twin birds demonstrate an Equal Pair of Oppositions as assigned to expose the naked truth of creation's secret. The secret is thus found in nature's sexual attraction between plus and minus, from whence the electrical current gets its first ignition and flows towards a greater transformation of light energy (pure energy).


The silvery snake shape (spiral) at the upper right corner of the mother tarot card is but a watery reflection of the moon, which is an indication of an unemotional heart that is flamed with cold fire like the ice on the moon.  The spiral wavelength represents Nature's favorite tool of creation. Here, it comes as a shimmering memory of another place and time and is suggestive of secret, unfulfilled wishes of that heart, which are still pending approval from above.


This may also be a promise that was made in the Heavens and is awaiting its fulfillment in earth time.

This analogy is also referring to relativity between the universal curvature to planetary mass as it is especially displayed here by the cosmic spiral wave motion as captured in the fluid background and the linear star shape on the physical body of the mother's chest.


*SPACE-TIME -- A fundamental concept in the special and general theories of relativity. Einstein showed that a complete description of relative motion required equations including time as well as the three spatial dimensions. The form in which time is expressed gives it the mathematical property of a fourth co-ordinate, or dimension.

Space-time is the single entity which unifies both space and time into a four-dimensional structure. In the general theory, Einstein showed that this 'fabric of the universe' becomes curved in the presence of matter, and this enabled him to give an elegant account of gravitation which has replaced Newton's theory.


When you pick the mother tarot card, be advised to look at things from a place of no choice. Understand the position you are in and accept the fact that you are being forced to deal with the result of natural developments.

Approach the apparent task as a temporary situation, regardless of other opinions. Stay loyal to inner truth of self and especially remember old secretive desires that have been put aside until duties are done with.


Number 2 cards indicate illusion. They are akin to the mother being at play in dual appearances. All of the 2 cards in a reading will show the nature of duties and responsibilities and how to go about them.



Brief Overview:

1) Indicates time for attaining one's duties.

2) Indicates one's need for validated spiritual strength and determination.

3) The art of directing a situation without having to overpower the elements involved.

4) A reminder to maintain a present structure without forgetting one's own self.

5) To direct others toward their natural position in life.

6) Beware of sacrificing oneself for others.

Common Implication: Family issues; Duty; Memory space; Nature; Intuition and natural intelligence; Instinct; Cult; Religious; A directory; Forgetfulness; Tribal; Nighttime; Sleepiness; Native American culture; Physics; Multitasking. 

Physical location: The ocean area or places near water.


2 The Mother functions as the creative mind where imagination justifies truth and lies for the sake of perfect balance. When this card dominates the reading, one must pay attention to family and relatives where personal affairs are most likely to demonstrate the areas in one's life where drama is taking place. The dramatic effect of the mother is nothing like the stage drama of the Actor. Here the life story is developing strange angels in order to maintain the wellbeing of all participants even at all costs (even lies crime and deceit). It is nature's way and not a premeditative action.


People who are identified with the mother keep to themselves and are usually quiet, unless being pushed to speak up their mind. And when they do…they go straight for the kill with no consideration for other feelings. As lovely and “nice” as they seem to most people who knows them, they can be dangerous when it comes to protecting their own. In general, the mother card is organic and wild by nature and can be an indication of silence before a storm is about to hit. It reflects on natural instincts and simple life intelligence that is unlike “book smart” while assuming undeniable responsibilities and the ability to be multitasking.


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