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the empty cup

Self-announcement:  I Am Master of Transformation.

Hebrew Letter:  MEM - represents: SPIRIT.



The ongoing process of Life runs continuously through Death and Birth, in a way that both events can be scientifically examined as the logical behavior of physics.  Death is thus recognized as a gift of Rest rather than an End, and Birth is a continuous Action, not a new Start.


The Empty Cup of the renewer sits on top of a stone well at the right side of the card, indicating mastery of the invisible that is fully activated when the Renewer is in a reading, with all four number 4 cards.

User master of the renewer is skilled reader of unwritten words in the book of Revelations, which holds important leads for all-time Speakers to find.

These include great secrets in the story of the Thirteenth Ray of the Fallen Angel and its unique relationship with the enlightened brotherhood of twelve. Thus, the renewer ought to remove the veil of darkness from past actions so we may all come to experience the one Love Ray of light that's connecting Father and son.

The Renewer 13 Tarot Card. The Empty Cup of the renewer sits on top of a stone well at the right side of the card, indicating mastery of the invisible that is fully activated when the Renewer is in a reading, with all four number 4 cards.

The Renewer is master of rejuvenation who brings a new life after death and a new beginning after an ending. Thus, the Renewer equally cancels out both definitions of birth and death and recognizes them both as one continuous life cycle. This is suggested by the crown's ring at the center of the card. This card is considered one of the most serious Tarot master by interpretation of “Renewer Time” as demanding the emptying of the cup. And…who likes to give away stuff


while emptying the cup, especially important and personal stuff?

Not only that, the Renewer relates unto dark waters lurking in the subconscious depths of our mind where we capture a skewed, mirrored portion of our life experience, a portion that is really hard to let go of.


The conventional way of thinking tends to measure the cup as half empty or half full of qualities and possessions which can be given away or accumulated. Either way, the dark mirror is seen in the wells bottom which reflects nothing but fears from very early ages such as memories from childhood, past lives, early human history, and even pre-civilization.

These scary reflections make no contribution to the individual's well being and should be treated as mental discharge.   However, there is no way to actually get rid of these types of subconscious "droppings" unless we create some kind of a mental restroom facility and use it to review our thoughts and mental associations, before flushing it away.

This is the type of “spiritual work” we have not done in the longest time, and now the only way to catch up is to transform our invalid mental droppings (horrifying memories) into a useful compost to fertilize a new mental ground upon which future thoughts and ideas will sprout again. This spiritual work is done by ways of imagination and imitation in order to understand the invisible portion of life and self, of which we are unaware and to which we are still bound.


Our subconscious mind resembles the empty well, and although conditioned as “not responding”, “dead” or even “stagnant”, it is still an integral half cycle of a complete thought as identical to all life cycles in nature. Therein, its invisible merging point with the other visible half is mandatory for future unfolding, and it is happening regardless of our acknowledgment. The same way physics merges into quantum physics, we can figure the condition of this passage as well.


The renewer at the center of the card is blue, which means a mental concept, idea, or metaphor. His head and shoulders are clothed with a red cover that reveals a spiritual state of mind that is able to view life patterns from beginning formation in the past.

He is presenting the viewer with a skull held in his right hand while his left hides a sculptor   behind his back. The skull represents death, but look closely at the skull's eyes. The eyes are alive and form the number 8, symbolizing infinity, as 8 is forming an engagement of the 2 half wave cycles, visible and invisible while interchanging through the 8’s middle point.


He is saying to us, “Instead of letting the frightened mind stop the flow of life at insignificant moments of death and decay, look at the infinite cycles of life as made of endless repetitions of rejuvenation.” Here we are given the first revelation of the concept of immortality.

The renewer speaks in riddles, and one of his many silent statements is: “The secret of life is not found in its measurements of time and space, but is being revealed to those who enter the central point of no space and time, in which all measurable things are contained.”


This minute point is what we call the Zero Account of Nothing and refers to the 22=0 the Nameless-One. Moreover, one who consciously enters the present moment of death gets to know the totality of life - all at once as being offered compressed at no time and space.

One's engagement with the renewer takes place inside a ring of memory (the crown on the ground) that is blessed with one of the Creator's most amazing gifts of all time: reincarnation, which means skull in Hebrew as well as a spinning wheel. This allows each of us to accumulate soul memory from life experiences revealed only through a specific speed rate of light motion that can be captured at the moment of death only.

After enough reincarnations, the understanding of death is replaced by a firm memory of stillness and rest, naturally followed by peace of mind. This spiritual achievement can be easily recognized in some people called "old souls," who seem to effortlessly be born with an inner kind of knowing that no tutorial book in the world can give.



The two trees at the far background of the card refer to the old biblical trees of life and knowledge, as stating logical concepts that belong to the past. The Garden of Eden is set here as a back stage, where the Renewer is playing Satan's role in the old Biblical script but In fact, he is the thirteenth  (cosmic) invisible ray in the color of darkest green shade.

His function as a dark light allows him to divide the bright light consisting of twelve rays of colors while multiplying their qualities in a holographic mirror effect. This is done in order to advance the 12 universal rays from the father's head crown of no time and space, to travel astronomical space and time distances – as provided by the 13th facility.

The brotherhood of 12 are light bringers in search of ones throughout the universe, who are receptive to the creator's qualities as are time encapsulated in unique color composition that are characteristic to each of the 12 rays. Thus the number 12 is very important in biblical episodes and even more so, when accompanied by the 13.


According to old Biblical references, the father of Israel, Jacob, begot thirteen sons, but only twelve became the tribes of Israel. The last-born child was counted thirteenth, and was held responsible for the death of his mother, Rachel on the road of Bethlehem.  The mother's Hebrew name Rachel, refers to the sheep and her death (being Jacob's one and only true love) represents the death of innocence and love at the time of Benjamin's birth.

In that same place, Bethlehem, another drama happened at a later time with the birth of Christ, the appearance of three wise men and the star. A triangular relation that managed to define a new religion upon the 3 principles: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and therein was declaration of the rebirth of love.

Although there is much confusion in Biblical stories, insight reveals an incredible psychological coherence to our mental and emotional evolution. Thus, an invisible tie between the Father and Son, appears in our third dimensional reality as the birth, death, and rebirth, of LOVE itself.

When the renewer is silently shuffling your cards, be ready to read between the lines. Moreover, let him transform old fears into new ideas. Know the power of the Love-Ray which might be of a horrible nature yet is totally pro-life and not deadly.


One is given a chance to start a new page and is being asked to allow circumstances to complete their time cycle without interference. Remember, however, that allowing does not necessarily mean ignoring. There is no point in trying to fight the current, as great change must be born out of a seemingly destructive or opposite nature. Thus, present factors must be accepted as a direct passage from past and into the future, only so transition may take place.


Remember that old furniture must go out before new furniture can come otherwise everything would be ridiculously piled up. Physically, it seems so obvious… doesn't it?


This card indicates transformation in regards to ongoing events and issues where one is confronting a seemingly dead end and a completely new beginning at the same time. People who are identified as "Renewer" are deep ones, serious, and mostly quiet. They keep secrets and have no need to impress others with personal knowledge and achievements.


The number 4 indicates completion of fast and short cycles and is akin to the Renewer.  All 4 cards in a reading will support the shift of old and new cycles.

Brief Overview: 1) Indicates a re-birthing cycle. 2) A second chance is given to one in order to experience life from a different point of view. 3) Birth and death 4) Relationships or situations that are seemingly coming to an end are going to be rejuvenated once again.

Common Implication: The past; Rebirth, rejuvenation; Depth, secrets; Karma, reincarnation; Subconscious; Military service, war, police, jail; Hospital, surgery: Serious matters.

Physical location: Dark places or somewhere in the past.


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