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Self-announcement:   I Am Master of Soul Consciousness

Hebrew Letter:  RESH - represents: CREATION.



The Knower is knowledge and is never separated from the Self, and an Eon is but a period of time given to One in order to “know thyself.”  Once the self is known, it is to be forgiven and thus ... forgotten. 

Understand the purpose and the role of the Physical Reality in the overall spectrum of creation, where knowledge is the only motivation for life. The Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life are but one Tree. The name of this one Tree is "Knowledge of Life".


The Knower is the master of soul-consciousness, accumulating knowledge through many life forms of self-experience. Knowledge can be earned only through experience, and even this is not enough, as one still needs to process raw experience and translate it into a permanent body of accessible knowledge. Nevertheless, knowledge is a private record that once achieved, it cannot be taken away; otherwise, it would not be knowledge to begin with, but just another load of information (data base).

The Knower at the center of the card is an egg-man. He is in a state of evolution and unfoldment, as the egg demonstrates an incubating life force that is just about to emerge from its shell. In addition, the emerging process may be of a violent nature when in the breaking of the shell occurs.

The Knower Tarot Card 20 I Am One Tarot Deck Aeon Card Maya Britan Art

The Konwer is the self and as such, emerges in a revolutionary manner that is typical to life and nature's violent acts of creation, but we do not take nature to court, do we?  Fighting the natural evolution process will always cause a quickening act of revolution.


The Knower is the egg-man at the center of the card is exhibiting three generations of evolution by the count of  3 eggs.

1.   The head egg resembles an accomplished cycle of mental evolution.

2.  The heart and chest egg resembles a fully accomplished cycle of emotional evolution.

3.  The third one, being held in the Knower's hand, is sprouting new leaves, which are but metaphoric suggestions that this specific egg is ovulating and is not fully ready to exhibit its final manifestation. This egg resembles physical evolution.

All 3 stages are conducted by the left hand in benediction, which resembles a spiritual breakthrough to accompany each and every revolution.


Spiritual Knowledge replaces anger with energy.

The word SPIRIT in Hebrew comes as two words: EXHALE and INHALE. The time count between the two breathing actions is SEPHIRA or SEPHIROTH in plural.

Thus, the SPIRIT is a rhythmic interval captured in the interchange between breathing IN and breathing OUT. (The Hebrew word Sephira is an old cabalistic term indicating spiritual knowledge of the counts as arranged on one of Eden's famous trees, also see 16 The Citadel).

This count is a numerical hierarchy of creation's universal qualities, and it comes to describe the evolving process of such ideas from the bottom earth world of matter.


The fields to the left and right of the Knower tarot card are green and red, which is an emotional combination of opposing colors (the purest pair of color oppositions is blue and red). Moreover, they are moving by a spiral force, indicating the formation of a sphere to be. This whole scene is exhibiting stillness that is intensified by strong urges and fury.  The self is sprouting two opposing leaves of identity at the time of being literally delivered into a raging environment. The left hand is raised in a benediction gesture of blessings and protection during the delivery time.

This kind of protection may indicate some dangerous elements in the event of true self-delivery, otherwise the protection signal wouldn't be there. Thus, knowledge is not a peaceful state of mind, but a place of excitement, inspiration, and insight especially when the facts of life are consciously handled, or a place of rage and anger if otherwise.

However, evolution does not stop at either point.

There is water on the lower left of the Knower card and fire on the right side. This refers to an equal pair of opposites according to the Reverser (red and blue), although the green area shows a great amount of emotional attachment when it comes to issues of self.

The swastika overhead stands for the geometrical configuration of the creative wheel of the whole universe. Note that we reversed that symbol back to its original direction (counterclockwise versus Hitler's clockwise), and by doing so, we bring this amazing configuration back to where it belongs at the top of the creative realm where the beam of light enters at the crown's head chakra and promotes Life Within Knowledge.


If the Knower comes to your reading, know that it is about time for you to do something for yourself. This is not about being selfish but rather being self-centered. It is also time to know something hidden, which must come out in order for you to prepare for the next step. It may also indicate others around you who are ready to open up some issues with you were important information will be revealed. Pay attention to what other people are really saying beneath the spoken words.


The Knower Tarot Card

The number 2 indicates duality of signals whereas dishonesty and truth are made into a challenge and are akin to the Knower. All number 2 cards in a reading will unveil unknown self-related information at a time when one is perfectly ready.

Brief Overview: 1) Indicates an upcoming event of knowing something very important. 2) Whatever is going on right now is happening only for you to hear and understand as there is nobody else out there more important than self. 3) Also indicates

natural psychic abilities that are far above average, as old souls may often possess.

The Knower.

Common Implication: Self; Self-knowledge; Spirituality; Honesty; Maturity; Harmony; Best psychic abilities; Insight; Knowledge of creation; Intuition; Prediction; Old soul; Revealed secrets; Being self-centered.

Physical location: A Known place.



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