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Tarot Card 22 The Nameless One

Self-announcement:   I Am Master Recorder.

Hebrew Letter: ; TAU -  represents: FAITH.



The nameless one tarot card is one hundred percent potential is geometrically shape as ring-like, or the oval format of a zero. The outer circular line (0) contains endless dots of experience to explore - one at a time.  The Nameless-One makes no self-definition of any part of the zero, as most Fools do. Instead, he becomes the Full  zero, or nothing at all. 


The nameless one tarot is the last book of the I AM ONE Tarot takes us on a final ride through the void. Only now do we bring our whole belief structure into nullity and start a new life experience based on zero memory (a non number which defines nothing – but also means a full ring of compressed memory that requires no storing space. Regardless, it is down loadable when needed).


The tarot-traveler (knowledgeable or not), will journey from one compressed ring of past memory to another and would thereby advance towards the Changer's position (#1) in an upward spiral progression where there is no more orbital repetition of old patterns.

The Nameless One tarot is a master recorder of all qualities and principles found in the Zero account of life, which indicates one hundred percent potential of all there is – to be – and to become (or to equally be disregarded).   But who is there (among us) to unfold that kind of FULL human potential other than a …total fool?

FOOL in conventional tarot deck

The nameless one when put in an environment like ours (modern time), is somewhat an individual who manages to come into his/her fullest potential is, unfortunately, not often welcomed.  In fact, based on history records, some of the most advanced human beings were totally rejected by the scholars of their arena, mostly because they (seemingly appear) were different or even better yet, been considered an insult to the average local community.


The Nameless One tarot is a unique human-being who has learned through many lifetimes’ experiences, that it is better to hide his/her unique identity behind a façade of silliness or even negligence. In the old days, he was the king's favorite fool; today, maybe he is a stand-up comedian or a poet, a writer, or better yet, a recorder musician.

The nameless one being a master recorder means you are naturally capable of tuning yourself with the invisible half wave cycle of life expressions of action and death's desire for rest, thus possessing an advancing talent of awakening over any other human being whose senses are limited to the physical functioning universe (as being only aware of action).

All of the above mentioned fine skills are greatly being practiced by ones who are acquainted with the rhythmic signals of energy and light-motion that exist beneath common words, musical notes, fragrances and colors.

Some of the best human's expression and artwork is yet delivered and exhibited thanks to the nameless one type who managed to record this kind of inner rhythmic balanced interchange. Often times the work of such masters, have been copied by others while totally missing the magic therein captured… thus, the meaning of the copied work does not matter anymore…or did it ever?


The nameless one tarot's figure in the card is coming out of a long journey in the dry desert and stepping straight into the green land.

In the nameless one tarot card there is a past being left behind the figure.

As the nameless one is approaching the flowery green fields, clothed with his scrolls and writings, there is still a spider hanging over his head. This means that even when all is said and done, this one is always going to be somewhat troubled by an ongoing problem.


Only one scroll is open. The rest remain sealed, close to his heart.

This means that although he may be the only one throughout time who has written documented history although the amount shown in the nameless one tarot was only a small portion.

This is true because the nameless one has not, nor will he ever reveal the totality of his work, unless he is forced by survival issues and other pressing matters that force him to demonstrate best results under much pressure. 

It seems as if the nameless one type is forced into dealing with more difficulties than anyone else. This is true only for one reason… they can literally cope with any amount of pressure, they really can! Or maybe the nameless one tarot card is an indication of someone who just don't care.


The other sealed scrolls are written on the nameless one open heart and are only for him to read.

Is he ever going to read his own story?

The nameless one type are usually poets and writers who tend to tell the stories of others, but even then, they still speak of their own journey.

The Nameless One is considered to be the one child of creation who actually lives truly and has a story to tell, versus all those other (originated to be the audience) “want to be” re-writers who would rather alter a borrowed story.

The Red Sun is shining harshly over him and his surroundings, which is an indication of being fully protected and supported by the universe itself, as well as being constantly challenged by it (by ways of stripping him naked to force him to be truly himself).


The Nameless One thinks that this persistent protection is nothing but pure luck…bless this heart for having that much faith.

The Cat/Dog next to him (Anubis at lower left corner of the nameless one card) indicates a final challenge before the green grass becomes a stable environment. This engagement of authorities (cat and dog) is akin to Egyptian references found at the headwaters of the Nile (the only reversed river on the face of earth related to 14 The Reverser).  A meeting place of 4 rivers as they merge into one current while forming an arrowhead towards a hidden journey through the center of Earth.


The Nameless One tarot is thus configured in a state of being, found at the final expression of the ego-self (cat), and the social contributing self (dog) as well. A collaborating place which allows no preferences of one conclusion over another as one must realize (once and for all), that life withdraws its unlimited force from an all-inclusive container of equals opposites.

However, any way we try to define the Nameless One is but an option and after all, it may be of something far greater than any title we may come up with at the moment, as it may also be the one name, we never knew ... a name that functions as the Word Of ONE.


When you pull the Nameless One tarot card, you might as well close your eyes for a moment and let the all-inclusive force bring you under its wings. Have faith in that which you are about, even though you do not really know (or remember) what it is, what it was, and what it will be.

Remember that no matter what…It is ALWAYS OK.

People who relate to the Nameless One are unpredictable and so often tend to be gamblers at heart (nothing is going to change that, for as long as they choose to run away from early childhood commitment to oneself).


The nameless one tarot is the number 22 is considered a 4 (2+2=4) as well as 0 (2-2=0) and indicates quick passage from one completed thing to another and is akin to the Nameless-One. All number 4 cards in a reading will show where and what kind of development is taking place.

The nameless one tarot card.

Brief Overview: 1) Indicates an unpredictable actualization of raw potential. 2) Move on with the current event, there is no need to understand one's motivations. Know that it is all for the best. 3) Unpredictable unfoldment is coming. Try to make the best of it by not limiting it to what you think it should be. 4) Pure luck or chance.


Common Implication: Records; Purification; A new life; Resource; Resoluteness; Books; Music; Sound; Recording material; Libraries; Writings; Comedy; Tragedy; Faith only in oneself.

Physical location: A place that is nowhere to be found. A hidden place.

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