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3 The Feeler Master Tarot Card
Is The Empress Of A Traditional Tarot Deck

The book of the Feeler teaches how to bring all self-statements of oppositions while in an argument - to a level of equality that is supported by a passionate confrontation of a lover, not a peacemaker.

Self-announcement: I Am Motion.

Hebrew Letter:  GIMEL - represents: BEAUTY.



Motion is the first cosmic child (girl) of Mother Creation, and her birth is considered the very beginning of our three-dimensional world.  This one is a love child no longer bound by the title “Empress,” but is yet imprisoned in the heart of man and woman.


The cosmic love story of Creation/Creator that runs throughout all universes, is constantly expressed in our human affairs so that we may take it personally.

The book of the Feeler teaches how to bring all self-statements of oppositions while in an argument - to a level of equality that is supported by a passionate confrontation of a lover, not a peacemaker.


Possessing both her mother's equal oppositions, the Feeler masters the heart region that is made to obtain the emotional conflicts of the arguing pair. Her struggle is with that which is of beauty (love) and that which is the beast (fear), as both are equally beyond control and unpredictable to the logical mind.  Although the Feeler represents pure motion, she will ironically end up not passing her very own first step towards a new beginning.



The Feeler demonstrates a continuity of events that, sooner or later, will bring her back to the beginning point of things until she comes to realize that she is the very prime mover of all things that matter. Thus, she cannot go with the flow but must be that flow and allow others to follow the chain of events therein provoked.

Motion is an outcome result of Creator/Creation (mother/father) interaction, which leaps its appearance into our 3D world of experience, sensually addressed in the form of a purest heart and its wish to unite divisions. That wish which all divisions are born with is capable of giving force unto future actions and manifested events as revealed only in the next Tarot card, (the Actor #4). But Feelers who are the prime mover of that wish are yet confused with self differing analogies concerning being a creature (of the physical animal kingdom) as well as being a creation (of the mental spiritual kingdom).


An arousing question is: “what Is the difference between a CREATURE and a CREATION”?

A “creation” is able to individually continue its own self-creation from within the physical limitation it is in, whereas a “creature” is submissive to obey its creator, while surviving within its creation's limitation. (The answer yet differs from one consciousness to another).

So often, it happens that feelers uses excuses to not perform an assigned task, and will remain idle unless excited and motivated by great will and intent. The excuse is usually drawn from the Feeler's creative imagination as supported by a true talent to make believe. This conclusion stems from the card's background of woods and trees (see behind the figure) which represent fantasy, fairy tales, lore and myth.  She needs to be tricked somehow to get out of the woods in order to fulfill her contribution to the future.

The Feeler's prime power of heart and motion is often given unto fantasy and imagination to determine what the physical manifestation of the main idea of creation will be.


The heart's consciousness is the most immature aspect of human psychology. Most wishes of the heart hardly ever get to be mentally communicated or logically understood. It is almost as if one's desires are happening at light speed, much faster than the normal phase of light thoughts. Thus, extremely powerful wishes that lack the understanding and approval of the mind appear to be ineffective and usually lead to disappointment. Therefore, the heart consciousness must advance from the oppressed Empress position of a female that is suitable to little girls who have been punished for being themselves, towards a greater female aspect of creation drawn from the Mother's perfect balance as well as the Changer's father aspect that is firm within one truth.


Decorating her feet are two little snakes (the soul aspect), which indicate that every beginning step taken is being manipulated by the spirit's urge (the Mother's intent) to experience something new. Thus, hidden spiritual intent may turn out to be more effective than the heart's possessive will, unless they are both distributing the same idea.


The Feeler is the most beautiful aspect of the feminine realm and has managed to remain manipulative and seductive, yet her innocence and vulnerability take our hearts almost immediately, regardless.  She relates unto Venus and is committed unto LOVE in all ways possible, even ways of WAR.

The trees in the background of the card refer unto a need of wise advice (tree in Hebrew is advise), and even a cry for help. The Feeler's worst fear is to be manipulated by others, especially the ones who may use her power of will for purposes that are not of the original intent of spirit.

The advice for The Feeler is to look deep into her own heart and use her Father/Creator's most precious gift of life – FREE WILL. (“Do Thy Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law” see Alister Crowley and The Book of the Law). Thus, no one is given the right to interfere with someone else's will, wish, crave, or desire.  Keep in mind, that it is not the “will” that really matters, but the intensity of raw passion put behind all wishes of heart. It is that which manages to give force to the Creator's primal ideas in order to pass through time and space and eventually manifest within Creation.


Look at the way the Feeler's hair is circling her breasts, suggesting two opposing spiral motions. Here we find an important advice to follow both directions of the heart, mature and immature. Just as we keep up the search for the highest meaning of love, we must also fulfill the simple or even insignificant desires of heart.

When the Feeler card embraces your reading, know in your heart that the time has come for you to give up an ongoing fight and simply follow the most primal urges until the understanding of one's will and heart is clear.  Be aware of what you wish for, as most often the one who gets what they want…will end up not liking it. Realize that cravings are strong and may surpass the indicated target. Learn how to slow down foolish decisions for the sake of long term results.

Be like Cupid, the God of precise love arrows (not errors), regardless of what common poetry stands for. One may need to come to terms with his/her spiritual quest before they are able to accomplish the current task.

The number 3 indicates a decision maker and is akin to the Feeler's state of mind as held responsible for future results. All 3 cards in a reading will show a needed step forward to ensure a good start.


Brief Overview: 1) This is the time for a new start or something new in general. 2) One is advised not to listen to anything or anyone, allowing only the heart's will and desire through. 3) Immature actions that are yet to come from a pure heart are going to bring better results than a calculated mind. 4) Time to fall in love again. 5) Time to consider passion above all. 6) Indicates the strong urge to free one-self.

Common Implication:  New beginning; Following one's heart; Falling in love; Emotional attachment; Great beauty; Femaleness; Childishness; Carelessness; Fashion and style; Dreams and fantasies; Mythology; Glamor; Vulnerability; Fairies; Temptations.

Physical location: The forest, woods or, seductive and dark environment.

3 The Feeler card brings up the feminine side in male and female alike while making ones more receptive to fall in love. Emotions run high and decisions made are based on desires rather than rationality. 


People whom identify themselves with the Feeler are usually beautiful by nature or they pay extra attention to their good looks. They use their appearance and vulnerability as a weapon to get what they want but this kind of power is short live and would usually get them through the door. After that, they still have to prove themselves worthy by ways of performance in which they draw from all other number 3 cards (when available in the reading).

The Feeler card stands for courage and bravery of heart and can demonstrate these qualities for a very short period of time only…just enough for something more substantial to take place. It's amazing what charm charisma and a dash of manipulation can achieve so briefly…this is a true miracle worker and he/she is not to be taken lightly, underestimated or be wracking with.

Feelers are nice people in general and do not hold much against anyone. If they blame anyone for anything it is usually themselves who they blame, unless they are empowered by 21 Virgin and or 12 Hanging Man. This scenario indicate an evolved Feeler who can bring down the house on anyone or anything that stands on her way…and there you have it.

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