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Self-Announcement: I Am Master of Redemption.

Hebrew Letter: - LAMED - represents: LOVE.



The Twelve Rays of the Crown shine through all levels of existence, bringing redemption to the SELF from false images. Hanged no more, the self is hanging others. This is especially relevant to family issues, for number 12 represents the Brotherhood.

The Hanging Man is a master savior from addictions, old habits, obsessive behaviors, and abusive relationships. Even though these are all symptoms of dependencies, a recognition is soon followed by an understanding that somewhere along the way, self-denial was permitted to occur.

The Hanging Man is a cry for help, yet one must understand that help comes only from oneself, as only one knows where the problem began. Asking others to deal with it instead would increase the gap of self-negligence.


The Hanging Man at the center of the card is much like the Trump, the Hanged Man, yet he is being associated with the hanged one only by means of hanging others first and thus choosing to be punished for the action later… or not punished at all. 

Tarot Card 12 The Hanging Man

Remember, this decision comes down to the individual self.

The hanging man is hanging male and female figures, one upright and the other upside down over two architectural building tops. One is a square cube, the other is a curved dome. Pay attention to the relation of two sexes and differing geometry. The male is hanging over the cube and the female is hanging over a sphere.

The windows in the hanging man tarot card are filled with bluish bright light, which means hope. It may also refer to help that comes from new perceptions, suggestive of changing one's perceptions in relation to certain situations. Unfortunately, the urge for change is mostly seen clearly at times when one is totally “hung up” and is helpless in the dark.

The Hanging Man is wearing a red lily atop his head, which refers to Christ consciousness. This is not a reference to Christ the man, as this card is the redemption of man hanged on a cross.


If you are being hanged by the Hanging Man, accept the fact that you have entered a waiting period of time until all issues hanging above your head, such as worries, fears, and problems in general, are to be fully resolved. To resolve these, doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing oneself for the sake of peace or even for the intent of making someone happy, but the other way around. Hang the ones that hanged you by dropping the whole subject as an invalid one to begin with.

One must remember that most problems began at an early age when children tend to give too much power and meaning to issues that have none in reality. The book of the Nameless One is about saving one-self from past and childish acceptance of meaningless events. Let us not forget that it is especially difficult for children to see adults crying for help, no matter how well the adult hides it. And the child wanted to be there for them because it seemed that it was about love.

Well, love has nothing to do with help, for love is strong enough to support itself, being nothing but freedom of self. Love therefore makes no logical pair with help. Love is the opposite of fear (see A Course in Miracles) and has neither understanding nor sympathy for terms such as “help,” “save,” “assist,” “aid,” and so on.


Just for the record, how often have love confessions been rejected by you or others? This is because they sounded like a begging for help rather than being a statement of love!

The Hanging Man says, “True love is like cold fire”.

Therefore, the main color of the hanging man tarot card is purplish-blue and not rosy-red. Love has much to do with giving, but giving starts with one-self because one cannot give something that he/she doesn't already have. If one doesn't have love for oneself, how in the world is he/she are going to give love to someone else?

Hanging Man's time will force anyone to understand that there is a delay taking place until certain issues are to be properly placed, such as the need to redeem oneself from old positions and responsibilities, which is most important to do before one is free to move on.


The number 3 relates to decisions of the heart and is akin to the Hanging Man. All 3 cards in a reading with their master will help you overcome current issues related to dependencies and past relationships. 


Brief Overview:

1) Indicates a waiting period and giving up an ongoing process.

2) Releasing oneself from certain commitments.

3) Overcoming addictions, obsessive behavior, and dependencies.

4) Making decisions by following the heart.

5) Slow card in general.

Common Implication:  Waiting, giving up, letting go, addiction, habits, dependencies, compassion, patience, being passive, vulnerability.

Physical location: A waiting room or some boring event.


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