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CURVED BLADES are BLUE TAROT CARDS or SWORDS of The Traditional Tarot Deck.

This Group of 14 Cards is consisting of BLUE 1-10 Numbers and 4 AUTHORITY (or royalty) CARDS.

Represents: Mental Consciousness - Air Element.


We Experience Our Life in A Thought Manifest Universe.

The Blue cards reveal the innermost complex configuration of the mind and its ever-changing thought formations, including the ability to conclude, analyze, assume, understand, misunderstand, etc.

This suit is extremely important for psychic predictions and although the information it contains exists only in the mind, it predetermines what the future will be like based on the idea that we exist in a thought-manifest universe primarily made of mental projections.


This Thought Manifest Universe functions as a simulator where we get to physically become our-selves and experience the correlated consequences in a semi-borrowed time and space concept of reality.

Moreover, in the thought manifest realm, mistakes are no big deal if they are being effectively used as a way of learning while we prepare to evolve into the next dimension of experience from where we have proven ourselves a perfect Human Being (after, of course, making all possible mistakes).


Reading the Blue suit is probably the most important action taken when first opening a spread of cards because the mind has been put in a position where the understanding of all other modes of consciousness is totally dependent on its capacity and processing performance. You may call it I.Q. or natural intelligence, either way the beauty of the mind lies in its capacity to be upgraded, enhanced, improved, and changed in form and belief structure just as we do with computers (limited, of course, by the make and model thereof).


1 Curved Blade Blue tarot card News
I Am News.



The One Curved-Blade is a thought deliverance card, which in fact supports any type of communication in nature by using the same facility of what we call “the neuron system” or a user transmission provider for all living consciousness


This card indicates clarity of mind that is diamond like. This mind is able to separate the husk from the seed when performing mental compression capacity that unites many thoughts within one main idea of truth.

Such a mind takes no substitute to truth, no matter how self-resistant that truth is. Nonetheless, functionality differs by its beholder's emotional status and ability to handle that kind of truth.


Thus, having The One Pear of Tears card right next to this one, might be of great support to the above statement, as in fact any other of the 1 cards will do.


2 Curved Blade Blue tarot card Agreement
I Am Agreement.



The Two Curved Blade is a friendly card that brings peace of mind and harmony to the maze. Simple and welcome, it will many times refer unto best friends and beloved children. Its perfect demonstration of an equal pair of opposition would eventually cancel out any urgency of the present circumstances


This card also indicates great support and protection during times of uncertainty, but even more, it is a “peacemaker” at work.


Pay attention to the erupting heart shape at the center of the artwork, demonstrating a love confirmation between two active and willing participants who are in no way stagnant.  This heart is formed by two upside down 2’s, which are facing one another in a passionate expression.


3 Curved Blade Blue tarot card Separation
I Am Separation.



The Three Curved Blade indicates a painful state of mind caused by a separating of whole ideas into bits and pieces.


This kind of mental activity would usually result in actual disconnection happening between people and places and even between lovers and friends.


Its morale is down and depressing, yet its medicine is found in the ONENESS of the ingredient involved in order to find one common title or quality that applies to all of them.

The artwork describes 3 curved blades separating from one another while remaining in the light and although experiencing cutting pain, the light of the source suggests much hope.


4 Curved Blade Blue tarot card Confusion
I Am Confusion.



The Four Curved Blade is a brainstorm experience ruled by the Universe's creative wheel, which is constantly moving in a counterclockwise motion. 


Yet, this state of mind is affected by a false confusion because it is trying to grasp ideas by using its reversal flow of thoughts in a clockwise motion where nothing make sense.

Our clock is ticking in a direction that reminds us that, “Time is Now - or Never.”


The artwork, on the other hand, portrays the reversed swastika spinning in a counterclockwise motion, which is a thought direction suggesting that “Now - Is - Forever”.


One who seems confused often lacks an understanding of opposing thoughts and the perfect role they play within the over all force of creation.


5 Curved Blade Blue tarot card Stop Delay
I Am Stop & Delay.



The Five Curved Blade is a lazy state of mind that is lacking flow of thoughts and inspiration and therefore, would sooner or later affect one's life events to be stopped or delayed accordingly.

This mind however, is not thinking less… just the opposite, it has accumulated a heavy load of information that is not being practically used or experienced. 


It may also wear one to stop some present activity, especially if it is motivated by self-boredom and indulgence.

The advise is not to linger too long in places that don't revive the mind and heart.


The ear shape suggested by the artwork refers to being a good listener during idle times.

Pay attention to the inner voice by listening to one-self first, as most blockages begin when the self has been forced into something against its will.

6 Curved Blade Blue tarot card Com Go
I Am Come & Go.



The Six Curved Blade is a road-opening card that indicates happenings and movement.  It is effective in removing past blockages out the way so one may advance. This card brings fresh flow to stagnant issues and a push forward to some unresolved situation. It is also suggestive of short trips, a journey somewhere, running away from something, someone, or even from oneself.


The artwork appears as a half wave cycle gateway that provides us with a transportation facility, so we may advance by an estimated distance. The other half wave cycle is happening in the dark background, almost invisible. Its motion forces the adventurer to return, regress, and retreat backwards in order to ensure movement, progress, and nourishment.


This card forces the come back of returning elements to their previous state of coherence. (applies to issues, events or people).

7 Curved Blade Blue tarot Card Doubt Hesitation
I Am Doubt & Hesitation.



The Seven Curved-Blade is an indecisive state of mind inflicting its present hesitation on the future manifestation of events, which are to be later categorized as strange.


This card is a great challenge and benefit for those who are having difficulties locating themselves in a situation that make no sense. For the majority, the awareness of being somewhat out of place comes with an extra cautiousness of making mistakes.


The artwork suggests a chaotic way of thinking that is spontaneous and happening moment to moment. Practicing such thought patterns may seem silly, funny, or just playful, however, it helps to express mental freedom that works as a perfect solution to hesitation and shyness. 

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8 Curved Blade Blue tarot card Interference
I Am Interference.



The Eight Curved Blade is an obscure card and it comes up as a warning of certain interference caused by a troubled state of mind, which bases its conclusions on


Pay attention to the grid at the center of the artwork put right in the happening midst of an extremely fluid vision.

The grid resembles a cage or jail and indicates a mental attempt to imprison great ideas by ways of limitations and littleness.


This grid is interfering with one's mental performance and has to be removed, but first, one must deal with the fear of freedom and wide-open spaces. 

9 Curved Blade Blue tarot card Negative Radiation
I Am Negative / Radiation.



The Nine Curved Blade card gives dark and safe shelter to hidden thoughts of blame, guilt, and no forgiveness. Its determined state of mind which tends to secretly undergo around a targeted situation, drawing a territorial ring which is not allowing its subject to either progress or be terminated. This card indicates some kind of self-torturing or self-denial by which a related, yet forgotten memory, must be found at the bottom of a dark portion of the mind.


The artwork displays sharks lurking in dark water while creating an opposition based tension between darkness and light, enhanced by the golden Sun unacceptably appearing in such negative environment. Thus, this card is suggestive that the light's judgmental character may be unforgiving, rigid and cruel, especially when it is thus being compared to the hugging blanket effect of darkness, as defined by pleasant and seductive properties. (By which darkness is honest enough to expose its dishonesty whereas light would rather strip naked all else but self. Negative as this card is, often times it is found dwelling in goodly places and is suggestive that being more kind to oneself is a key that will soon result in life events that are more positive.  This is a “no” card in a yes/no reading.

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10 Curved Blade Blue tarot card Anxiety
I Am Anxiety.



The Ten Curved Blade is a nonbeliever card, produced by a state of mind that has firmly made certain conclusions. Although seemingly rational, time will prove that it is not quite so. 

This card comes to remind us that things are far greater than we think they are.

The artwork is showing a flock of birds flying over the clouds, making a tribute to the Native American sacred Bird's Tribe in which a vision of the future was produced. 


Their vision was based on self-knowledge above all else, and thus they willingly let go of the physical land in order to inherit the promised land of spirit and pure heart in days to come.

This card also suggests to stay away from certain heights and definitely to be aware of any invasion attempt that is coming towards one's private space at home, or at work.


This is especially important during times of personal work and self-development, as the results of such an invasion tend to produce neurotic behavior and anxiety.

Authority Cards Blue


Knight Curved Blade Blue tarot card Desire
I Am Authority of Desire.



The Knight Curved-Blade is an ambitious card, loaded with excitement and enthusiasm. The Blue Knight is riding the waves of nature's unstoppable force of water and air. His white horse brings the wind of passion, craving, and desire to experience something new.  The blue rider is using the force's properties when approaching a selected target. He is motivated by desire above all, which is the secret key to a successful passage.  


However, if the “rider of winds” becomes somewhat stagnant for reasons of security, he will then find book knowledge substitutes for life experience. This card reveals obsessive behavior, especially when the wishes and desires of the heart are not fulfilled.  Its character is defined by intelligence combined with heart, which is a sensitive state of mind found irresistible by others.


Astrological influences include the Air signs, Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra.

Brief Overview:  1) A writer or a journalist. 2) Strong ambitious drive signified by those who cannot fail, no matter what. 3) Hunting skills, which are nowadays found in the best sales people. 4)  Time to experience something that is new and exiting. 5) Obsession and obsessive behavior with fixation. 


Common Implication:  Journalism; Writing; Intellect; Sensitivity; Obsessions; Having a crush on someone; Advertisement; Promotion; Sales; Second wind; Strong will; High educational degree; Interrogation; Interview; Hydrogen peroxide.

Queen Curved Blade Blue tarot card Question
I Am Authority of Question.



The Queen Curved-Blade is an inquisitive card and indicates an awakened mind motivated by curiosity, enthusiasm, and the urge to always know more.  The Blue Queen in the artwork is forcing the atmosphere into a private world made with her own bare hands, and then she wears it like a helmet, indicating a person that is very aware of what is coming and going in their immediate surroundings.  When she meets something that does not belong to her self-created world, she will simply let go of it, but not before investigating every little detail until satisfying her curiosity to the fullest extent.  If the Queen becomes isolated, this card may reflect a skeptical state of mind based on a lack of personal experience. Its character is an intriguing one who by nature will always nail the current issue right on the head.


The personality related to this card may be annoying to have around at times, but the outcome shows that people who are not intimidated by a provocative intellect enjoy the company of an interesting and devoted individual.


Brief Overview: 1) Question-and-answer type of communication, or an investigation. 2) May refer to secretarial work, where logical order is appreciated. 3) A question mark in general.


Common Implication: Interview; Investigation; Book knowledge; Skepticism; Intellectuality; Analytic mind; Common sense; Database; Directories; Statistics; Questioner; Oxygen.

Princess Curved Blade Blue tarot card Ritual
I Am Authority of Ritual.



The Princess Curved-Blade is a mystical card, withdrawn from mythologies, fairy tales and the overall supernatural portion of our physical lives. The Blue Princess is in touch with flows of energy to which she gives her own interpretation. Thus, translating nature's unique frequencies into a logical format is producing ritualistic events that may vary according to each practitioner of its craft.  Blue Princesses are hungry by nature, expressing the ever-coming force of creation by which they collaborate with.


This card indicates strong mindedness and applies to those who know how to put enormous strength of will into practice. Its character is defined by mood swings and seduction.  The ritual card is charged with true powers of nature as captured individually by the one who is conducting the ritual and is thus due to offer it back unto the source of creation and mother earth, the planet. Ancient rituals offered incredible medicine to be used for her well-being, the world she created, and the people in it.


Brief Overview: 1) Shaman-ism, Witchcraft, Paganism, and Wicca. 2) Experiencing depression, bipolar symptoms or radical mood swings. 3) Attracted to mysticism, mythology, and fairy tales. 4) Confirmation through nature's elements 


Common Implication: Visionary art; Wishful thinking; Mysticism; Spells; Magical practices; Superstitious beliefs; Unstable state of mind; Moodiness; Fogginess; Mist; Unclear; In the worst  scenario, mental corruptness and madness.

Prince Curved Blade Blue tarot card Argument
I Am Authority of Argument.



The Prince Curved-Blade is a puzzle card that loudly announces mental struggle with simple reality and its complicated philosophical input. The Blue Prince is theoretically investing great effort in finding out what is right and what is wrong.  There is a confusing aspect found in conclusions that arise from a passive observation point, as one must literally experience both options in order to solve the argument.  

The artwork shows an incubating person trying to get an idea of who he/she is from the surrounding flow of external information, yet is clothed by nothing other then the naked self that he/she is born with.


This card may also relate to youngsters who already know more than they should, and the burden is too great to deal with. Its character is serious, sensitive, and self-conscious. Well dignified and proud, this card is marked by one who carries an old essence when they are young and a younger presence when they are old.

Brief Overview:  1) The need to gain more personal experience. 2) More information is required before placing final conclusions. 3) The urge to figure things out and resolve problems. 4) Struggling with a variety of self-identities. 5) Having too many options to choose from. 6) Young people with great expectations.


Common Implication:   Calculations; Mathematics; Counting systems; Debate; Fog; Spinning; Centrifuge; Philosophy; Camouflage. 

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