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Self-announcement:  I Am Master of Pattern.

Hebrew Letter:  TZADDI - represents: CAUSE AND EFFECT.



Patterns cannot be broken, but understanding a pattern may result in a greater life experience.  The Moon demonstrates repeated patterns of a fixed orbit around the Earth, where cause and effect are the main participants. It serves as a fixed map for the Reacter to use when clearing up old patterns.


Just as we stood at the gate of All Is Given (The Way-Shower), we are to realize how short the moon's cycles are, and therefore, we are forced to go back to the beginning point (another day, month, year, season, or situation), where we start to wonder, "Is it the past still orbiting around me, or is it the Future?"

Either way, we are obviously coming into realization that things found in self-repetition (orbiting) are things that do not contribute to progress. This simple statement sounds so clear now, but it may require many-repeated demonstrations until it is fully accepted and understood.

The Reacter's book teaches us how to make a point and move on. We do not want to stay with the Reacter for too long, as its ups, downs, and self-repeating cycles can lead to an emotional crash or even nervous tendencies to some sensitive individuals, (reactors are associated with the moon children/Cancers.) Mastery of repeated moon cycles enable predictions of life-events based on the fact that what happened in the past will soon become the future, as shown by observations of nature's cycles. 

Tarot Card 18 The Reacter

The Reacter at the lower center of the card is a babe who is walking the red path of old wisdom, which is a promise that one day he will become a Seeker. He is holding two keys in his little hands, announcing himself to be someone resourceful who is loaded with solutions made to match every given situation. He is approaching an arched gate which the old biblical world would use as a public hearing area. The Reacter is seeking legal advice and public security from a social establishment that has been designed to protect him when he happens to be an innocent victim of circumstances.


Fourteen doors remain unlocked behind him, as the babe has managed to miss each helpful option already presented in the past. Notice the great assistance being given by the 14 giant black and white doorways in the corridor, which represent the giants of past wisdom and knowledge. These giants left a tremendous amount of greatness for the future human babe to feed on and be nourished by.

However, the Reacter is too small to reach for the gigantic doors of knowledge and although he holds two keys in his hands, neither one will match the key holes, as they are triangular and require a pyramid key. (Reference to old Egyptian and Mayan wisdom as both are based upon Pyramid culture.)


Reacters are seeking protection from the Actor who would naturally force them to react according to his dominating actions. Therefore, Reacters are looking for justice and would like someone to take the punishment for their misfortune, as they cannot take full responsibility for their own actions and decisions and would end up putting the blame on someone who is strong enough to handle it. The moon in the far background of the card is supporting this kind of emotional state of mind by waning with its subject.

When you are having Reacter influence over a reading, recognize the repeating pattern you have created for yourself. Know that this is not going to change unless you come to terms with how life works without trying to find the one who is responsible for your present situation. As you become more aware of the pattern you have been repeating all along, you will be more willing to resolve it by looking at it eye to eye. Once a pattern is recognized and accepted, there is a better chance to actually overcome it or expand it into a story that makes more sense than the previous one.


The Reacter is one of the most important challenging cards of the Tarot, as most of us tend to blame others for our misfortune, bad luck, failure, or pain. In truth, however, Reacters are the best demonstrators of human behavior while in search of a new birth. Thus, Reacters are encouraged to reach for the most important goal of all humanity, to be of self-deliverance in order to approach a new page, a new life, another chance.  Fatherless at last and motherless at last … we, the babes, are to nurture ourselves so that we may grow to become the promised fulfillment of our parent's destiny. We are an independent type of creation, aware and responsible enough to be included as a member of the universal brotherhood instead of being another species trying to take over the moon, win a war, and most of all, be the best on the field.

The Reacter type of people are very sweet people and they usually need support from others and frequent confirmation that they are “good.” Guilt and blame are terms that are used too often by The Reacter people, and this kind of perception must be totally replaced by greatness, if not forgiveness, before they are ready to move on to the next phase of a new life-experience.


The number 9 indicates completion of a large cycle and is akin to the Reacter. All 9 cards in a reading will help in understanding current patterns, as they deliver great advice from the Seeker, considered the old man of wisdom or a grandfather who is talking to his grandchild.

Brief Overview: 1) Indicates childish behavior and lack of understanding. 2) A tendency to cry over losing something or having complaints against others and circumstances rather than looking at oneself for being the reason (cause) for the present situation (effect). 3) One's greatest need for better understanding of self and the meaning of “cause and effect.”

Common Implication: Repetition of cycles; A month time period or menstruation; Immaturity; Over-reacting or over-excitement; Hyperactivity; Victim;  Hurt feelings; Childish soul; Weakness; Injustice; Guilt; Blame; Irresponsibility.

Physical location: A place during an event that happens periodically.


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