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Spiral Tarot Spread Map for Accurate Psychic Readings

spiral tarot spread image at the bottom of page)

Although the I AM ONE Tarot Deck may be used in any spread that the reader is comfortable with, a special Spiral Spread, has been specifically designed for the I AM ONE Tarot.
To begin working with these cards, we recommend that when you read the text which describes the meaning of each card, keep in mind that it is compressed in a format that aims to deliver much information without having to get into details. Please, therefore, pay attention to certain words of meaning that appear in the text, especially words that bring some kind of association. Ultimately, the text should only be a mean of interest to inspire and assist in developing the subject matter for your-self.
It is best not to take this book as if it were written in stone and in time you will create your own private language with these cards, drawn from experience. The book is meant only to strike a spark of inspiration that might be greater then what the author intended the I AM ONE Tarot to be, and should become a unique tool of self-communication belong to each individual who uses it.
Another way to make personal contact with the cards and the Master Teachers they bring forth is to simply sleep with them or carry them close to your body or somewhere within reach, especially the cards that you find yourself attracted to.
Find the spiral map enclosed and folded in the I Am ONE tarot box when you purchased it or use the image provided in the next page. In time, you may like to enlarge the map image to a size that is big enough to actually place the cards right on top of it. But for now, find a comfortable place for a spread using twenty-two cards from the whole 78-card deck.
Holding the full deck (78 cards) face down, shuffle the cards while thinking about yourself or the person you would like to open a reading for. Even if you do not have anything specific on your mind, the cards will still pick up the vibrations of an ongoing event, so do not worry about your thoughts while shuffling.
When you feel that there is no need to shuffle anymore, simply stop shuffling. While still holding the pack of cards paced down, we lay the top 22 cards, face up, on a flat surface, following the order shown in the I AM ONE Spiral Map, (from 1 to 22). Reversed cards have no meaning in this deck, so you may want to turn them all to face you.
Following the Spiral Map, lay the first card on the place marked number 1, second on number 2, and so on through all twenty-two cards.
After all twenty-two cards are in place, take one more card from the pack the twenty-third which is a surprise card and is to be hidden, face down, beneath the twenty-second card. Not until the end of the reading will you pull it out to see what the future next reading will be like.
Each numbered space in the Spiral Spread Map is a house with its specified definition written inside the box. (In time, of course, you will memorize this structure, but in the beginning please refer to the spiral map).

spiral tarot spread 
The first thing to look at in a reading (once you open the spiral spread) is the colors.
What color dominates this reading? That color will give an immediate idea of the nature of the reading and the elements it is ruled by.
Remember the following correspondences:
Blue signifies mental issues.
Red signifies spiritual issues.
Green signifies emotional issues.
Yellow signifies physical issues.
Also see the colors as discussed on the color cards pages.
Next, relate the meaning of each card to the subject of the house in which it is placed in the Spiral Map.
Develop and expand this initial information by allowing the art on each card to provoke insights and associations.
Do not hold back
Let the first thing that comes to mind be spoken, even before you understand it yourself. With practice, you will learn to trust this prime flow of knowing as your psychic vision, or intuition.
Here is a brief example of how to relate the meaning of a card to the house it is in. -- Space number 6 is the house of relationships, and so any card that resides in this house will speak about issues, qualities, or situations within the framework of relationships. When 3 Stone of Age, for example, is in the sixth house, this combination suggests that the current relationship is work related or that there is a need to work on a relationship. After giving this initial meaning, you can develop the subject according to what 3 stone of Age means, as well as any other number 3 and 6 found in the reading.
[When reading the card's description text in the book, pay attention to the bottom portion of the pages marked as “Brief Overview” as there are some suggestions of who to make meaning of certain cards combinations, especially in relation to cards that are placed in the same neighborhood.]
1. Main Idea. The main reason for opening a reading and the most important subject at the moment. Also communication skills.
2. Energy. The energy level and force at which the reading is spiritually generated by. Issues of spirituality and the creative force. Also family relations, especially to the mother figure. Obtain some clues to hidden secrets.
3. Will. The most hidden wishes of the heart. Also one's romantic status and related experiences.
4. Present Action. The obvious reality or present situation. This house shows how the number 1 subject has been handled through present action.
5. Lesson. A specific and important learning experience that is motivating other events in the reading. Issues that need to be accomplished and done with before taking the next step.
6. Relationship. The nature of mating, coupling, and marriages, as happening to you or the person you are reading the cards for. Also participation in relationships, partnerships, or groups.
7. Practice. Subjects that are in the process of development while one is still in the practice period of developing special skills. Also shows the overall level of male energy that is integrating with the subject.
8. Career. The professional work and career related issues. Also a belief structure, religion, and social status.
9. Advice. Important advice regarding the present situation. Also psychological issues that are dominating the reading as well as and the intelligence capacity of the one who is dealing with all this.
10. Destiny. One's destiny or the destination of the current subject or project. Also indicates a time-frame regarding future events which are being presented during a reading.
11. Personality. Prevailing personal issues and character type in general and in regard to friends and dear ones. Also the social status of the subject within the immediate environment. Twin souls and mates may appear in this house.
12. Help. Areas or issues that need assistance or help. Also shows dependencies and weak points by which one should be working on.
13. Karma/Past. Past events as related to the current subject of the reading. May also show selected and correlated karmic events affecting the present, or perhaps be the cause of the present circumstance.
14. Correction. Specific correcting action that is most required before taking any step forward. Otherwise, this house reveals the inner blue print structure and design of the subject matter.
15. The Mind. Thoughts and opinions that operate in the mind only and thus are not necessarily real. Also, this is the state of mind that is going to lead to accordingly manifested events in the near future.
16. Nature. One's primal raw nature and the impact of free spirit. Also, a fixed behavior being demonstrated every time, when one is pushed against the wall.
17. Talent. Special talents, gifts, and blessings given to each one or to the whole subject matter involved. Also, the type of communication or experience that is going on in the mind's dream state.
18. Repeated Pattern. Very important issues, situations, behaviors, and one's overall predicted approach, as all of this is moving in cyclic repetition. Understanding this pattern is most important when predicting the nature of next future event.
19. The Right Action. A confirmation of certain actions one is taking at the present. Also shows certain things that are happening regardless and beyond personal control at which are proven to be firm and correct in the long run. Indicates the most positive aspect of the whole reading.
20. Self Knowledge, The relationship one have with thy own self, based on the depth of soul knowing and development of psychic awareness, insight, and intuition.
21. Achievement. Past, present, and future achievements. Also, the level of self-fulfillment in regard to the person's overall life experience. This house holds a clue for a wish to come true.
22. Potential. The amount of raw potential that can be unfolded during one's lifetime or in regard to a specific subject of concern. Also shows the faith of one.

23. The Wonderer. This is a surprise card we put hidden right beneath the 22nd.  We look at this card only by the end of a reading in order to get a clue of what the next reading is going to be like. Otherwise, this house will show only that which one will have to re-do next time in order to overcome this current reading and its challenges.

spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread
spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread spiral tarot spread

Spiral Tarot Reading Spread Map I Am One Tarot by Maya Britan
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