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This Group of 14 Cards is consisting of GREEN TAROT CARDS  1-10 Numbers and 4 AUTHORITY (or royalty) CARDS.

Emotional Consciousness - Water Element


The Ocean Demonstrates Motion Versus Emotion.

The Green tarot cards reveal the nature of emotions from a place that is mysteriously releasing a rhythmically balanced note of pure motion produced by the heart consciousness of female Creation herself.  In our dimension, Creation appears to be the mother of all things planet Earth although Creation has many shapes and forms according to other dimensions, perceptions, and manifestations. 


As her children, we react emotionally to our mother's motional condition almost in the same way the audience in a theater reacts to the action on stage. Such emotional reactions provoke feelings that do (or do-not) match our understanding of the scene. Nonetheless, when an understanding of the physical demonstration (action) is in error, the emotional reaction tends to be more intense, dramatic, aggressive, or even harmful to the individual feeler, and eventually becomes harmful to his/her environment.  


An emotionally mature heart consciousness is extremely important for the well-being of each individual, as well as society as a whole. Emotional disorders leave heavy marks on the physical body, for they are rooted in misconceptions of the obvious physical demonstrations of nature. The results may include illness, weakened immune system, crime, and overall corruption on all earth levels of experience, whether personal, social, geographical, or even planetary and universal.

While the mother-planet demonstrates an ever-happening chain of events (like seasons and cycles of birth and death)  it is up to us how this ongoing show is perceived, studied, and put to work in our personal lives. 


Natural bodies of water, such as oceans, perfectly demonstrate the ongoing act of motion that exhibits the maturity of the heart where e-motion does not. Emotion (no-motion) is an announcement that the natural flow of life has stopped. In truth, this can never happen (the ocean is the proof of ever going motion), but the mind has stopped reading the exhibited motion of simple life events.  Regardless of this halting behavior, an active emotional decision has still been made based on logical reasons and common sense.

Most emotional reactions are considered great signals of love, feelings, care, and affection. However, these signals can be effects of great psychological distress caused by a dysfunctional thought system that repeatedly fails to understand that nature is in constant motion.


The Green suit of cards is thus considered young and childish by nature, as the heart never really grows old. The Tarot reader must remember that no logistics work in the application of Pears of Tears,  but compassion, intuition, and insight perform miracles instead.


1 Pear Of Tears Tarot Card Green Forgiveness

I Am Love & Forgiveness.



The One Pear of Tears is a card of becoming, which announces a new birth, fresh start, new beginning, and much hope for the future. It shows the purest heart of all hearts as it stands for the one heart that holds neither blame nor guilt against its own self or another. 


Purity of heart is a mental condition that starts with acceptance of oneself and then continues its blessings toward all else. This statement is well enforced by the saying, “One is for All and All Is ONE. (Here it comes with a tiny verbal twist from the original).


Better understanding of the law of one can help us realize the fact that we cannot give that which we do not already have. Most of us insist on offering others nothing but our hopeless dreams and expectations, which we have wished for ourselves but never managed to achieve.

2 Pear Of Tears Tarot Card Green Love

I Am Love.



The Two Pear of Tears is a sacred card that comes to enhance the reversed analogy of love between separated fractions who are seeking unity and not love. 


The picture at the center of the artwork is of one pear and its own reflection in the water. It demonstrates a self-love as achieved between the Two Pears (a pair of opposites) who are forever One, based on the fact that one pear is but a reflection of the other, and is therefore not real. 


Love stories begin with mates who find themselves within one another (similarities in personality, looks, taste etc.,), but, sure enough, they are going to hate the self-projection in each other in what they don't like about their own selves.

3 Pear Of Tears Tarot Card Green Fantasy

I Am Fantasy.



The Three Pear of Tears is a card of excitement, which is rushing a fast heartbeat of emotional hype through the adrenal gland. 


The art on this card shows a flow of emotions that is likely to exhibit an extremely careless behavior if forced to stop its natural flow. Any type of restriction, reconstruction, or even a simple demand, will usually provoke irresponsible tendencies and even infidelity when applied to a relationship.


Exaggerated by nature, this card maintains great amount of loveliness and joy that can lighten up the darkest, most depressed mood. 

Being only a temporary emotional burst (a short breath), it may also indicate an unreliable or unstable condition.

4 Pear Of Tears Tarot Card Green Luxury

I Am Luxury.



The Four Pear of Tears is an expensive card, attached to those who demand the proper full attention and recognition for being simply incredible. 

The day-by-day application of such emotional luxury requires some kind of sacrificial ritual to support and justify the subject's life essence. 


This quality would tend to glow greatly in a bundle of feelings returning from its audience, such as admiration and appreciation. Sometimes that claim for constant attention may result in spoiling and over-indulging the main subject unless this whole action is professionally done to support one’s career but totally removed from one's personal life. 


The art shows four fruits dangling in a distance that are within reach, suggesting that happiness can totally be achieved in the physical realm of earth and is therefore not one of heaven's offerings (sarcasm goes well with this card).

5 Pear Of Tears Tarot Card Green Delusion

I Am Delusion.



The Five Pear of Tears is a card of disappointment, which naturally accompanies one's great expectations, especially those categorized as unfulfilled in real time. 

How is it that dreams and plans always look so much better in the future than in their actual manifested time? This may be because dreams are the making of the individual person, whereas our social reality is limiting their final appearance by a fixed design and format, placed by ones who speak for the demanding test of the many. 


At any rate, looking at the artwork here, we must acknowledge the fact that no matter how good things are for the pears, there is one black pear pointed in a different direction. This states the fact that regardless of how great and perfect the present arrangement is it could have been even better.

There is much beauty in this card projected through depression and low morality from which great artists and timeless creators manage to draw inspiration. Its character is dark and seductive, defined by one who remains aloof while silently projecting an inner world of imagination.

6 Pear Of Tears Tarot Card Green Easy

I Am Easy.



The Six Pear of Tears is a social card, which tends to bring a breeze of enjoyment and a light atmosphere to an environment of compromises or stress. 

No sweat, just having good time, this card works as an aid in the process of removing all previous seriousness and self-importance before adopting a whole new point of view.

The artwork shows a central source of attraction, which brings the elements involved all together, but without any significant individuality, for all the pears look the same. 

This is an encouragement to mingle with others alike in order to feel comfortable as a part of a unified environment. 


The advice is to take life lightly and easily by not giving too much power and importance to any stressful present situation. When it comes to relationships, this card refers to dating someone or going out with people, yet not developing any serious contact.

7 Pear Of Tears Tarot Card Green Sorrow

I Am Sorrow.



The Seven Pear of Tears is a card of sadness that shows an ocean load of tears that are flowing over something that is so well faded (forgotten) in the past that we cannot even say what it is. 

This card was drawn in a romantic and sentimental style to enhance the darker mood of such great beauty and melancholic sadness as found in romanticism, regardless of how painful it is for the ones who live through the experience. We cannot but respect some people for their choice of self-expression to come through the path of agony. 


The colors and atmosphere chosen for this card are extremely Impressionistic, as if dedicated to the “masters of light” rather than to darker artists of the classic era. 

The pears here look more like onions, which bring tears to the eyes of the one who is peeling them. So conditioned are certain things about life by which we are emotionally affected.  However, the heart of the onion is very sweet, and such sweetness may justify the whole painful process of peeling.  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards 

8 Pear Of Tears Tarot Card Green Empty

I Am Empty.



The Eight Pear of Tears is a draining card, which comes to announce the fact that energy is being wasted somewhere along the way. 

Loss of energy often results in a feeling of emptiness. This is a serious warning to find the leakage, recognize it for what it is, and resolve the issue at once. 


Draining one's own source of energy can only happen when the power of self is given to something or someone that maintains no affiliation with who one is. In this case, the eternal process of re-giving oneself is being violated because there is no exchange of self-recognition. 

Remember that between one heartbeat and another there is an empty rhythmic beat that does not sound but is still as real as the heartbeat that we can hear. (People who read music may get a better understanding of this.) Thus, although it may be empty, a space is still a space. green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards  green tarot cards

9 Pear Of Tears Tarot Card Green Happiness

I Am Appreciation & Happiness.



The Nine Pear of Tears is a joyful card that comes to cheer up the one who is appreciating that which life has in store for him or her. 

Happiness can be fully achieved while we are experiencing the physical realm, as the only requirement is our acceptance of that which is. 


With the simple exchange between that which life has to offer and that which is expected from life, one can take a giant step forward in the never-ending journey we call “human evolution”.

This card may also come to present good news and progressive developments based on the fact that no past expectations and personal demands were made to cause limitation – to begin with. 

The nine pears in the painting are pointing toward a central source of light. This shows a simple choice made beyond any argument or bargaining with life. The one light is a source of attraction to all, even before it is understood by anyone.

10 Pear Of Tears Tarot Card Green Fulfillment

I Am Fulfillment.



The Ten Pear of Tears is a satisfying card that not only brings the taste of fulfillment but also manages to take away any memory of previous pain and bitterness. 

This card is probably one of the best to find in a reading, as it indicates the fact that one has managed to reach a point of self-accomplishment and enjoyment of past efforts and present fruition. 


This indicates a very comfortable situation or place to be, where one would almost lose any desire to move on or to change present conditions. 

This card may also be a warning signal of an attempt to be settling down somewhere only for comfort. This may also indicate one who is willing to fully accept responsibility over a current situation as being final and over with.

The artwork here shows surplus, flow, and abundance, as the arch of movement represents a blessing as directly related to a good chance, fortune and best luck.

Authority Cards Green


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Knight Pear Of Tears Tarot Card Green Imagination

I Am Authority of Imagination.



The Knight Pear of Tears is a charming card, adding flair, class, and style to any given situation. The Green Knight is riding his white horse through the evergreen heart of the woods, where deep and rich colors glow beautifully in the darkest places, far away from sunlight. The Knight uses the horsepower of imagination to bring the essence of hidden beauty out to the fields while decorating our lives with style, seduction, fragrance, and flair.


Most often, this card shows an image of a man as drawn from fairy tales, in which his favorite part played is the prince on the white horse who comes to rescue the one in need.  However, if the Green Knight is trapped in a reality that lacks glorious challenges, he may end up being spoiled and delusional, or even making up stories. He may even cheat others in order to create a heroic escape for himself as he tries to run away from the ordinary. No matter what, women of all ages and classes find this type of man irresistible, attractive, and charming.


Brief Overview:  1) At times, this card indicates an un-trusting element or false image. 2) Men whose characters relate to this card are great stylists, designers, graphic artists, models, and the best lovers. 3) A womanizer type of man. 4) An advice to ignore a specific subject.


Common Implication: Imagination; Style; Fashion; Exaggeration; Seduction; Pretentiousness; Flamboyant; Disregarding; Not paying attention; Ignoring something; Aesthetics; A lover man; Good looks.

Queen Pear Of Tears Tarot Card Green Reason

I Am Authority of Reason.



The Queen Pear of Tears is a card of emotional balance, drawn deep beneath the water where we find perfect harmony and equilibrium.  The Green Queen reasons with life from a place of a search for true meaning. She does so with blunt honesty and direct approach. This card indicates an emotional breakthrough that can be achieved only after several experiences of a similar nature (though maybe with different players). This one finally manages to understand patterns from a place of perfect acceptance of life's will as opposed to personal will.


The artwork shows that the Queen has access to one of our planet's rarest memories, a time before earth, when she was the emerald planet (Tia-mat - Sumerian writings). This ancient aspect of the Female Creator is more complete than the human image of a woman. Thus, when a woman is invoked by such a memory, her acceptance of a perfect man becomes far greater than the average. Until then, she will remain cold, bored, and disinterested as she minds her own business, seemingly caring little for others. This card refers to the astrological influence of the Water signs: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio.

Brief Overview:  1) A rare type of chemistry is causing opposing elements to work great together. 2) At times, this card indicates carelessness and a lack of feelings.


Common Implication: Reason; Equilibrium; Emotional balance; Harmony; Effortlessness and simplicity; Feminine qualities; Beauty; Elegance; Style; Apathetic and cold nature; Hard to get; Careless; Not interested.

Prince Pear Of Tears Tarot Card Green Potency

I Am Authority of Potency.



The Prince Pear of Tears is a healthy card that exhibits great appetite for everything life has to offer.  The Green Prince is troubled, however, by where to start his meal, as by looking at too many trees, he cannot see the forest. This card relates to a young person who is trying to accomplish too many tasks at once, and although extremely capable, will be better off handling one thing at a time from beginning to end.


This card suggests diverse talents and a tendency to move through several occupations and fields of interest during a lifetime.  In fact, by embracing the nature of constant change, one may obtain a high level of potency even in old age. The Green Prince needs to know that time has no effect on potency. Many young people are living under the impression that they are running out of time, which often results in feelings of helplessness and useless effort.

Brief Overview:  1) The advice is to not exhaust the vital force by always freeing oneself to move on to something new. 2) Remember that experiencing the road matters more than its final destination. 3) Also refers to hormones that produce longevity.


Common Implication:  Self-esteem; Great hopes; Seeing greatness where there is none; Helplessness; Expectations; Crying; Yearning and missing something or someone; Impotency; Hormone; Minerals; Algae; Vegetables.

Princess Pear Of Tears Tarot Card Green Youth

I Am Authority of Youth.



The Princess Pear of Tears is a sensitivity card, laced with the young and fragile essence of aquatic plant life exposed to the harsh sunlight.  The little Green Princess decorates our life with a beautiful breeze of splendor and sweetness.  She is pleasant to look at and lovely to have around, but watch closely how she uses her apparent vulnerability to gain emotional power over others. By which she may grow more demanding as she is growing attached to that which she literally controls.  Thus, this one needs to remain in contact with the moon's silvery light and not fully show thyself naked under bright light.  

This card indicates caring nourishment given to the growing ones, but is also suggestive of not overdoing it.


It is always easy to spoil someone or help them develop emotional dependencies ruled by constant fear of loss.

It is better to let Moon-children (water signs) become independent at an early age.

Brief Overview:  1) May also indicate jealousy and possessive behavior, especially if one has encountered an untrustworthy person or incident once before. 2) May refer to a person exhibiting emotional immaturity and childish behavior. 3) Also relates to water plants, sea life, plankton, and the most primal living tissues in nature.


Common Implication: Children; Jealousy; Falling in love; Neediness; Beauty matters; Looks; Clothing; Modeling; Cosmetics; Fashion; Flowers; Gardening; Skin; Makeup.

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