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Self-announcement:  I Am Master of Communication.

Hebrew Letter: ALEPH - Represents: PRINCIPLE.

Law of Creation Number 1:  THERE IS ONE CREATOR.


Changes occur in proportion to one's ability to change his/her state of mind.  This doesn't refers to changing your mind about something but rather be able to look at things from a changed point of view regardless of what you think about it. A state of mind that is open to constant changes without loosing integrity is what we are talking about and it is that alone becomes a trigger to open mindedness in all matters of life and death (Universal global and local).

The Changer is a profound skill governed by the law of One Creator and in order to get our mind in line with creation (the Universe and the world), one must first accept oneself to be that creator.  Here we put our own self at the center of all things happening (and not happening) and operating while taking responsibility for our own life creation.


Magicians and Fools may practice the law.  However, they are not able to use it (nor misuse it), for they are both limited by self-definition. Meaning: using the law for self empowerment that eventually leads to control over others by changing relevant circumstances. That kind of action will in time inflict itself back unto the manipulative creator and force him/her into a learning experience (or what many people call karma).

the changer, the changer, the changer the changer the changer the changer the changer the changer the changer the changer the changer 


1 The Changer Tarot Cards Magician I Am One Tarot Deck

Where to begin.

We always begin right here and now as the present moment hold the key to all time quests and where the simplest question one can ask is "Who Am I?"  The answer comes in a riddle, hidden in another question, "Who were you and what will you be?”  The answer concerns the past and the future because the present self must communicate with both in order to collect as much related information. However, one's self-statement must first register with the master communication of the four basic elements, the Changer. (Here we create an entity in our mind that we use as a mediator that is able to supervise the normal thinking process “the thinker”). 


This is done via the fifth (invisible) element, ether (light), where the one central idea of our self-creation stands firm at the basic core of who you are . until found and used will no longer be a missing element. (Nowadays the ether is known as a wireless transmission provider of communication between receptors, as we call it, the “Ethernet” but it is still a radio wavelength). The way are using the fifth element ether is through the tarot cards communication platform, by using an organic network that is available to all particles in nature without having to isolate only a tiny fraction of it as done by the use of the Internet. This network is already set up in our mind and all we need to do is use it.

The Changer is the master of the communication domain, orchestrating an interchanging flow of electrical thought wavelength between mind, soul, heart, and body. The physical Indication of such flows appears as a chain of events based on a primal projection of thoughts extending their ways out and away from an inner central idea. The conflict caused by interactions of both negative and positive thoughts is a natural exploration of a healthy mind responding to a central idea in order to reunite opposing experiences within “One Truth.”



Mind, soul, heart and body are equivalent to the four basic elements: air, fire, water and earth.  The Changer uses the four elements as tools of creation.

1. Curved Blade (mind). Blue cards – mental tool

2. Two Headed Serpent (soul). Red cards – spiritual tool

3. Pear of Tears (heart). Green cards – emotional tool

4. Stone of Age (body). Yellow cards – physical tool


The Changer in the middle of the card is holding a flower in his right hand as water flows from his left. Pay attention to the upright formation created by the open arms and firm head of the middle figure. Notice how the 180-degree angle of equation is well stretched between both hands while crossing a straight line over the chest and skipping the shoulder blades.

“Water” in Hebrew means truth, and “flower” is intelligence based on conclusions. Thus, truth is meant to advance the intelligent thought process by its ever-changing seductive form and definition, as truth is of the moment, and is not to be permanently established or captured, nor verbally fixed.


The Changer's head is held high in the sky, meaning he is thinking of the highest definition of what truth might be. Yet, his feet are pointed towards the depth of an abyss or a black hole, showing that there is no road beneath him. This statement is made to enhance the fact that all physical events (earthly roads under feet) are created in the mind before they are projected into our reality of physical illusions. This is a plain explanation of what magic is all about, as the Changer relates to the Magician.

Thus, a suggestion is made to locate oneself in between the physical reality below (the underworld of experience) and the points of enlightened ideas above (starry heavens of imagining). Do not choose one over the other, but rather find the middle shaft, (pyramid's height) that connects both extremes within one truth (apex).


The eagle on his left shoulder represents Great Spirit, yet, being blind-hooded, the eagle draws blood from the Changer's body at the left side of the chest, the heart area. This is a vivid description of major emotional pain caused by spiritual restrictions that may occur during times of self-extension between lower and upper directions. That means that one's heart and spirit must be tamed in the ways the eagle is being tamed. Just like the hooded eagle, one is forced to develop an inner vision and insight while undergoing changes before an upcoming time of action.


Although the Changer indicates change in general, it is mostly suggestive of one's ability to change his or her mind in order to promote specific types of changes and maintain ground under the feet during the time of actualization. This practice enables each individual to claim his or her right to determine how great, significant, or effective the upcoming change will be. The nature of the change is based on one's willingness to accept the opposing meaning of life as indicated by both hands left and right, almost in that same position the Christ himself demonstrated the one truth of a human being on a cross.

Number 1 cards are ACES and when appears in a reading with the Changer will reveal the nature of upcoming changes, or where one should put his or her mind at the present in order to perform future changes.


Functions Of The 4 Elements

Ace Curved Blade suggests clear thinking and focus.

Ace Two Headed Serpent suggests clears vision and imagination.

Ace Pear Of Tears suggests pure heart love and forgiveness.

Ace Stone Of Age suggests affirmative action, taking care of business.


If the Changer appears in a reading with no support of aces (number 1 cards), the suggestion is to establish new communication venues within oneself first (mind heart soul and body) and find ways to deliver oneself into the world later.

1 The Changer is an advertising card showing people with strong opinions and firm ideas who are able to convince others to look at things from their own point of view.  With great social and communication skills, they pioneer new visions and ideas across the board in ways easy for others to relate.

A must have quality in messengers, reporters, writers, sales people, public relations and marketing in general.


Brief Overview:

1) The changer Indicates the urge to communicate one's thoughts and ideas in ways leading towards changes of current situation.

2) To be the originator of new projects, new stories, new adventures, or even the development of a worldwide facility of telecommunications, the Internet, and the media.

Common Implications of the changer: Messages; Changes; Communication; Principles; Ideas; Thoughts; Phone calls; Letters; Discussions; The media; Information; Data; Conversation; The Internet; Text; Television; Social media.

Physical Location: On-line. A networked social environment and the media, in general


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