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The Donor at the center of the card demonstrates an uncomfortable position, yet she holds it with great pride


The Donor Tarot card is Adjustment - Strength.

Self-announcement: I Am Master of the Law.

Hebrew Letter:  CHETH - represents: GOODNESS.



We get to see our society's legal structure in comparison to the Universal One as we overcome our fear of making human mistakes and being punished for them.  The universe promotes a human being who is motivated by self-knowing only.


Thus, a complete cancellation of options such as Heaven and Hell is the future's step towards a free life within knowledge.  The Donor is the master of justice who is making rules based on the right and wrong judgmental points of view.


By using judgmental rules, Donors volunteer to support the order from within our social structure, even when this means never to do what they really like to do. However, they do what they do because it's the right thing to do.

The Donor at the center of the card demonstrates an uncomfortable position, yet she holds it with great pride. It almost seems as if she is carrying the cross of the world, but it is not on her back. She has actually become the cross – herself, but she will never let anyone know about it. Donors thus have a tendency to apply laws and regulations to their own personal and intimate lives, and that is the reason why sooner or later they end up prisoners in a jail of their own making.

The apple at her feet represents a gift or reward that she has yet to pick up for herself. Only when she is ready to let go of the black and white pillars of justice held heavily in her hands, will the straight sword of no compromises drop off her neck. It is her time to determine when she is ready to bend over (lose her pride) and reach for the prize (the apple means promises from early age to be far later fulfilled).


The Donor's state of being relates to many good people who live their lives under the impression of having to pay certain dues before being actually worthy of a better experience. This card also refers to those who feel that they have already worked hard enough and now they deserve to get some kind of a reward for it. Either way, the reward has already been presented by the apple on the ground, but the individual did not want it at the time. Maybe it's because it was too easy, as most often people tend to take things for granted when they are young, or he/she were just not ready for it.

The truth is that many people choose to work hard and pay hefty fees for something that life is willing to give easily, gaily, and for free.


Heaven and Hell

The Donor tarot card demonstrates the concept of Heaven and Hell in ways that apply to the majority of people who accept and understand her former trump, Justice. At the same time, she is willing to show her victims how untruthful this justice concept is by highlighting the two hands at the upper portion of the card as reaching down from Heaven to help remove the burden that comes with this state of mind.

The apple of reward is still on the ground, associated with the under world or earth, enhancing the fact that the whole idea of Heaven is indeed man-made and the reward of “happiness” as demanded by mankind - can be totally achieved by material benefits.

Hell, on the other hand, is an opposing choice, though still within the boundaries of ground level, made by those who believe they need to be punished. They wear the heavy sword on their body instead of using it as a creative tool. A sword is considered a mental instrument in the general Tarot Minor Arcana and is used as a weapon, but swords were never meant to kill.

Linguistic Analyses of the word itself refer to a swearing of oath, a serious commitment or an attempt to sort things out between opposites.

The I Am ONE tarot transformed the straight sword into a Carved Blade (a harvesting tool) indicating mental capacity compatible to the universal ratio of creation instead.

When the Donor appears in a reading, it may also indicate high expectations from oneself and others, sometimes too high to fulfill.

The following advice is to simplify the present situation by not over-analyzing it and making new goals that are within reach. Try to successfully do one thing at a time instead of falling apart when approaching everything at once.  Learn more about yourself, your talents, abilities, and limitations - while making sure that your dreams are equally matching your current capacity of performance.

The Donor Tarot card

The number 8 doubles the way and is akin to the Donor.  Any one of the 8 Tarot cards appearing in a reading with their master will help in overcoming the barriers caused by oneself as well as social/official type of commitments strangling one from releasing the old past.

Brief Overview: 1) Indicates the good people who tend to devote themselves and their talent to the success of others. 2) Also refers to bureaucratic and legal matters, works that are office-related, documents and contracts. 3) Promises from an early age are being fulfilled at a later time. 4) Tends to over analyze issues and punish oneself for being responsible.

Common Implication: Legal matters; Judgment;  Rigidity; Documentation; Contracts; Office; Donation; Charity; Gifts.

Physical location: Office and work-related places.

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