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Self-announcement:  I Am Master of Light.

Hebrew Letter:   KOPH - represents: LIGHT.



Light interchanges with all manifested things, while forcing bodies to extend a self-territorial mark, as defined by their dark shadows.  The Sun has been demonstrating light properties forever using the father's territory as a provider model of the family cell.


Now the Doer (his son) activates the Solar system and its space territory in accordance with another source of light that is coming from Orion.


The Doer is the Master of Cosmic Light, being captured by the fixed dogma of a Solar System to activate the whole planetary "family cell," which demonstrates inter-relationships between One father (provider source of light) and many sons and daughters (children or creations divided by sexual pairs - like we are).

Being a Master of Light implies having knowledge of the light's properties. This is achieved by observing the light's effects when it interacts with all there is. Apparently, all things are revealing themselves by their extended shadows, and thus understanding of darkness becomes an essential first lesson on the agenda of any light-worker. Darkness, therefore, ought to be perceived as an all-inclusive force filled with one hundred percent potential memory of light as capable of interchanging with all there is.

Light interchanges with all manifested things, while forcing bodies to extend a self-territorial mark, as defined by their dark shadows.

Thus, darkness is not to be confused with emptiness.

The relationship that light has with all there is, is an indication that everything within creation is of The Light to begin with, and its relationship with darkness is only one of endless relationships. By accepting this point of view, we make progress in freeing the light from the limited concept of a Light Versus Darkness-type of relationship, and literally freeing ourselves to go ahead and finally connect with The Unlimited.

The Doer indicates the right action as its direct connection to light comes to justify the announcement, for there is nothing wrong found associated with light, is there?  Therefore, being a Doer means that one is first the light, and second, he or she is a Light Worker.


The Doer is a seven-year-old boy (the father's son) standing in the center of the card while holding an open book right in front of the viewer. He is not reading the book, but rather showing us its contents, written in all languages that are readable to the viewer. However, there is another page marked by a hanging tassel referring to a certain portion of the book that may require special research to reveal an aspect to the light that is not so obvious.


We are all written in the book of the Doer the same way all the Zodiac signs coexist in the Tarot Trump card, the Sun. We are all children of one creator, one father, one idea, and thus all light-worthy. However, don't we earn our rights to be of the light by walking our own ways first. even when we're in the wrong? Well, that is why there is such feeling of reward that comes with the Doer card up front, as it brings such a great confirmation of everything to be “right on.”

An equal pair of opposites is made of the black and white horses at the center of the card, white behind the boy and black right next to him. The horses demonstrating light and darkness in this scenario, seem to tell a story where light is celebrating victory over darkness, but only to eyes that read the front page being presented by the boy.

Some historical research would reveal the hidden pages of the past so that we may realize that light and darkness have never really engaged in a war-like relationship. In fact, darkness is light's best lover, as it enhances the properties of light better than any other color.  Darkness also makes the best compliment to light.


The Mayan calendar is perfectly portrayed inside the Sun configuration at the top of the card. This is an indication of whence real knowledge comes. The Maya are considered “sun worshipers” as well as the Egyptians. The same pyramidal structures found in both civilizations serve as clues as to where to begin the research if one wishes to read deep into the book of the Doer.

There are many illuminated growing trees and flowers in this card, promoting one hundred percent progress in all life matters considered, almost to the point of wondering how much darkness and regression does one need to experience in order to promote such life exploration.


If the Doer is shining over your reading today, be sure and ready to embrace loveliness and greatness as they leap into the moment. Know that you are doing the right thing and thus, supported by the universe itself, you cannot fail no matter what you are involved with. (Something we all need to hear every once so often.)  Current relationships supported by the Doer are almost family-oriented, that is, friendly and warm. There is also a possible chance of meeting a soul mate or having a twin soul kind of companionship. With the Doer, there is an enhancement of one's ability to form a company that brings together many different elements under one roof with no conflict between the members.



The number 10 indicates universal individual being and is akin to the Doer. All 10 cards in a reading indicate positive and supportive influences that are not to be taken for granted but are actually to be used in good health. That includes things that are looking shady.

Brief Overview: 1) Indicates the right action that works for all, while supporting one's own move towards present destination. 2) Friends and dear ones are open and willing to give themselves to you or anything that has to do with your work. 3) A confirmation that everything is going to be just fine. 4) Time to embrace universal responsibilities.

Common Implication: Righteousness, the right action, positive energy, all inclusive force; Great contrast of darkness is containing much light; The sun, a year; Powerful factors, institution, lightness; Collaboration of elements under one will; The brotherhood.

Physical location:- An institution or big company.


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