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Self-announcement:  I Am Master of Perfection.

Hebrew Letter:  AIN - represents: NATURE.




True Creation involves massive amounts of destruction, demonstrated by the perfectly erected TOWER during its collapse. Those who dare to approach the path of perfection through the Citadel are due to experience both.

This announcement is as close as we can get to understanding "God-ness." The engagement with perfection is forcing us to explore the self on the same level of creation, or at least from the same place of intent.


The question is, “Can one live a life of perfection without having to fall apart physically?”  Maybe, if one stops expressing his/her achievements by building it upright (male erection) and adopt the spherical wave of female creation instead.

The Citadel is the master of nature's dynamics and thus involves both tools of creation and destruction. Observation of these unpredictable dynamics shows obvious marks on the earth's physical body. Other times it is not so obvious, especially when the forces are moving through her other bodies of mental, spiritual and emotional levels. Thus, a measured result of natural disasters applies only to the fragile aspect of the physical expressions.

The Citadel is the master of nature's dynamics and thus involves both tools of creation and destruction

The Citadel at the center of the card is structured as a DNA strand placed in an environment that moves in a spiral wave-motion (wave motion indicates nitrogen connectors between hydrogen and oxygen), resembling the dimensional avenue of the universal creation.

This structure can be observed as big as a whole Universe or as small as a little DNA strand. Both options contain a recreational code that is equally stable and undisturbed by the definite size of measurements.

Although it seems as if the balls are positioned one on top of another, this arrangement is adjusted to the third dimensional optical angle from which we are viewing it. In truth, the balls indicate dimensional centers as they sprout out from each other in order to become one another, and then disappear back into a phenomenal opening of one inclusive center. We cannot see all of this in action, nor can we fully explain it, (unless we use special optical lenses or certain psychedelic aids). Best yet is to use our creative imagination in an intelligent manner.


The Citadel Avenue consists of no more than seven centers. The top one is an open source of the one light (silver violet), which travels through all dimensions of experience, leaving us with six dimensions only that are delivering the silver light throughout the creation.

Pay attention to numbers, as the numerical configuration for the Citadel card is 16 and is made of 10 The Royal-Maze and 6 The Unity. Here is a key to the secret of the Merkaba (“vehicle” or “chariot” in Hebrew) which enables the one light to time-travel through its creations while coming and going through the zero of no space and time as equally centered in all six dimensional levels of experience.

This kind of transportation can be validated by a light traveler who can manage to interchange with all aspects of one-self found within six different dimensions. This achievement is perfectly formed in a six pointed STAR of DAVID, or as described earlier, a rhythmic, balanced Interchange. We may also relate the Citadel-Avenue to what many know as the chakra system, which is a spiritual/mental Interpretation of our DNA code.


The black crowned sword at the left side of the card and the white winged staff at the right side present us with two traveling options or ways to go:

1. The way of power and control as signified by the black sword of war and the achievement of the crown. (The word sword in Hebrew applies to assembling, building, or putting together a structure that is due for downfall and destruction. The sword also appears at the left bottom side of the 6 Unity card.)

2.The way of knowledge as signified by the winged white staff of wisdom and education. (The word staff in Hebrew applies to natural growth, and the bird's flight. It appears at the bottom right of the 6 Unity card as a tree with fruits and flowers.)


*Here again, is a little clue given in regard to the Thinker's riddle and its state of mind that is always presenting us with a variety of options to choose from. Either way, the answer is always, “to each his own.”

It is recommended to keep in mind that "life" versus "knowledge" or "black sword" versus "white staff" are mental concepts and not a war zone, as black/white are but a pair of opposites demonstrating a choice of temporary experiences for the sake of unity within one truth.

Thus truth is not a choice but merely an awakening condition of Mind Heart and Soul (trinity).


In addition, these two opposing ways do interchange with one another as seen in 6 The Unity card and while they do, it does look like a war or a disaster, but more so, the two are truly exhibiting an act of love filled with passion and ecstasy.

Another saying states that our multi-dimensional universe has all of the dimensions coexisting at the same time and in the same place.

Now, go figure where exactly you are experiencing yourself in a universal environment which is constantly changing. According to common geometry made of a line, a circle, and a dot only, the self is expressed as a line and is better found at a central point of time, where you may say, I AM ONE (Changer, #1 see the dot) or on a distant ring of memory, where you may say, ALL IS ONE (Unity, #6 see the sword as line). 

Either way, do not compromise or think of our Universe as being an empty, dark and cold space, because you, my friend, are in it, and are it – at the same time. With that being clarified, you might as well give some creator's power to make it a meaningful experience.


At the center/bottom of the card is the Emerald Creation, which contains the first book of life in its blueprint form, as written long ago and still hidden from all. References of this first world are found in the old text of Sumerian writings from where other world mythologies had drawn primary inspiration. Even the Bible starts with the Genesis description of Tehom before the earth was put together as an altered reality. (The Sumerian name is Tiamat, referring unto the one who is destined to die, which is just another way to describe the properties of a void which means "Tehom" in Hebrew. Since Sumerian text is difficult to obtain, you may want to read “The 12th Planet” by Zechariah Sitchin).


The emerald book is a script where all things from beginning to beginning have already happened as been created at no time and space, in a story format that is a second dimensional reality, or what we call the blueprint. The second dimension is very important to our 3D world for holding the secret key to its active command.


The black and white division that dominates the second ball in the Citadel avenue is an equal pair of opposites. Though it looks much like the yin/yang symbol, it is far more ancient than that, and also simpler. It exhibits another challenge for human to deal with: Ultimately, it is the most desired hidden entrance into the "one and all-inclusive" center of creation, which contains the door that allows free passage into the fourth dimension (the word “door” is Daleth which is the 4th Hebrew letter and is related to the Egyptian delta and the Actor, card #4).

And so on and so forth. We only set up an example to how universal traveling naturally evolves in all six dimensions. All we need to know in order to perform this kind of spiritual evolution has already been written in the main script of our true life-story. There is no need to rewrite new stories, but rather to remember the one and only.


We may accept a One Source to be the all knowing, and thus trusted to lead us all back to where we belong, as perfect and complete as during conception. But then, what shall we do with the urge to invent, to originate, to be, and to become? What shall we do with the egoistic self who wants recognition for the time and effort put into the work?

I don't know the answer, but if there is no time and space to begin with, other than what we temporarily manage to create for ourselves, then we should be thankful for the time being, shouldn't we?


Can you define the one that is you from all of you without having to lose a bit of you? If the answer is yes, then you have just entered the path of perfection and are ready to follow the dynamics of your very own nature.

That might as well be the Yellow Brick Road that leads to the Emerald City of the Wizard of Oz, which by the way, holds many key pieces taken from the Sumerian puzzle.


When the Citadel erects over your reading, you are being advised to allow a certain intensity into your life. Things may appear to be crazy for a while, but you need to let life polish you as if you were a diamond and not a breakable glass or crystal. Shine by that self-purification, and by exposing yourself to such intensity, you may get to better know your real origin, if so desired. This kind of self-knowledge can be achieved by simply stating a pure will for this to happen.



The number 7 indicates spiritual exploration and is akin to the Citadel. All 7 cards in a reading will show possible effects caused by intense universal influence over any given event.

Brief Overview: 1) Indicates an inspiring experience that recharges the soul. 2) An unstoppable event is coming which is about to leave great impact on all levels of experience. 3) Sometimes refers to psychedelic experiences with drugs, ecstasy, or a religious experience. 4) One is approaching a perfected lifestyle by way of correction. 5) May also indicate some kind of serious illness caused by temporary stoppage of oxygen to the blood stream.

Common Implication: Creation and destruction; Genetics; The chakras, spine, or lower back issues; Natural forces; Potential disaster, or explosiveness; Ecstasy, religious experience, or psychedelics; Exploration; Perfection.

Physical location: Accidental situation.

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