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I am psychic clairvoyant, Clair-cognizance (clear knowing) and metaphysical developer of ancient tarot knowledge based on the Hebrew language. 
With Over 27 Years of experience consulting people in all matters of life.
The I Am One tarot deck is my own visual concept and spiritual initiative creation, published by Saint-Art copyrights 2000
I use the cards for an in depth accurate and detailed reading.
I get right to it "no questions asked" as I realized, the less you tell me about yourself, the more objective my vision is.
But You Can Ask Me As Many Question!





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22 master tarot cards
56 numeric color cards


The I Am One tarot is a full deck of 78 cards created by Maya Britan, printed by US. Playing Cards and was published in 2000 by  


Included is an Instructions booklet in English Spanish & French and a spiral spread map especially designed for easy read by beginners and advanced psychics as well. The informative text on each card starts with I AM… as it relates directly to the reader. 

The art work presents images, colors, and flows that work on a deep psychological level and once these images are absorbed by the viewer, there is no way to tell what subconscious psyche information will surface in one’s mind. 


Maya is an absolutely incredible woman. I have a hard time calling her psychic because she is so much more than that. 

I found Maya at a time when I was very broken and in need of reassurance. I am so thankful that my path crossed with Maya. She has been such a source of light, peace and comfort in my life. She often feels much more like a therapist (a highly gifted and intuitive one, of course) than a psychic. 

It's been two years since our initial meeting and she has given me countless readings. She has been insanely accurate and even been able to predict timing around certain events in my life. Whether in person, over the phone or facetime - the quality of her readings stay consistent.  I have recommended her to dozens upon dozens of others - all who have also been so grateful to receive her guidance. 

In a field that is full of frauds, fakes and not the lightest energy - she stands apart as a woman of wisdom, honesty, integrity and generosity. She's a mother, a friend an artist and a very humble person. You can't help but leave lighter after having a conversation with her. She has even told me she won't give me a reading before because she didn't want me to waste my money and instead learn how to trust my own intuition and not become dependent on outside sources to give me peace. What a gem, right?! So rare. 

Thank you, Maya, for your kind, selfless advice, wisdom and accuracy throughout the years. So thankful for you and your beautiful gift!


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