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Tarot Card Meaning

learn tarot cards meaning self knowledge
Tarot Cards Meaning

There are many ways and reasons to use tarot cards. For the most it's about getting answers, information, ideas and such. But what is the meaning of the tarot cards themselves and is the meaning differs from one specific deck to another? Each deck has kind of its own thing going on but, looking a bit deeper into it, they are not that differenti at all.

What matters is the meaning we attach to any tarot card, just the way we do everything else in our lives.

Tarot is a language made of images pictures signs and symbols in which we all agree more or less about their common meaning.

But what if we add new meaning to things without having a full social consensus of their meaning?

In this case one individual may enriches and expand thy own knowledge of tarot cards without interference with the main stream agreeable meaning of tarot.

The I Am One Tarot Cards are designed with these thoughts in mind, to build upon and to carry on new meanings in new times.

Maya Britan

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