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Accurate Tarot Card Readings - how to ask

Accurate Tarot Card Readings
Accurate Tarot Card Readings how to ask

One of the most popular uses of tarot cards, is asking a question and than, pulling a card for an answer.

One of my favorite way of doing so, is to always keep a deck of cards right next to me or somewhere within reach.

I shuffle the deck until I feel no need to shuffle anymore. Lay down the deck with it's back cards up. I ask the question while my hand lays lightly on the deck, and cut it into 2 parts, whereas the visible card in the cut is now in my hand.

This card is the answer.

Now. In order to get an accurate tarot card readings, one must learn how to ask the right questions.

The more precise the question is, the more accurate the answer will be.

Be as honest and simple with yourself. After all, tarot is a tool for self communication.

Remember that. The cards never lies but the interpretation can be off at times.

Start with questions that you know the answer to. Do it often!

Like, how am I feeling right now?

What is my favorite color?

Am I a girl or a boy?

You're catching my drift.

Do this to familiarize yourself with the card's meaning and linguistic characters.

Make sure you ask questions that you already know the answer in advance. This is a good practice before we get to the real questions.


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