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Tarot Cards Meaning Destiny

What is destiny?

The tarot cards meaning destiny.

How do we know for sure? Is this person my destiny, or this event, or something that need to happen. Destiny is 'when' and the answer is in the past. Why? Because it was already written in our life stories before we are born. No matter what deck of tarot cards you are using, or reading cards spread, look at the section that represents the past. There you'll find the clues needed to assemble the story of life and destiny. Every time you open a reading, the central card, the upper and the lower (middle shaft), will indicate the subject of this specific tarot reading. Than look to the past to make a connection to that specific subject. Always remember the reason for that reading, as every reading is revolving around its own central cause and affects.

Looking at the future section, will reveal the answer but only in sync with the past.

Tarot Cards Meaning Destiny
Tarot Cards Meaning Destiny

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