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Asking Questions and the Tarot YES Cards

We all have questions to ask, information we wish to know and many time, just simple yes or no answer will do. When we resort to the tarot for answers, we must follow few rules.

When I started working with tarot cards, I was looking for meaning - to everything and I was willing to find truth - everywhere.

At the same time, I have to admit, I was completely overlooking the obvious troubles I was in.

The cards stayed on massage though, and I just kept getting answers that I did not like.

Until I learned how to ask.

Start with simple questions.

Ask yourself the question before you ask the cards, as often times you would realize that you already know the answer (especially if you pull 20 The Renewer card which basically tells you that you know the answer).

When you ask yourself a question, say it out loud and see how it sound. If it doesn't sound right, change it and try again.

Remember, the tarot always speaks the truth of the moment so when you ask a question like: "Is he thinking about me?" (for example) - the answer will capture the present time where he might be involved with something else (other that thinking about you), like driving (6 Curved Blade) or he might be taking a shower (7 Pear Of Tears) or he may be having good time somewhere (6 Pear Of Tears).

I am just saying, the answers from the cards will drive you crazy if you don't know how to ask.

In this regard, you may want to ask the cards: "What is he thinking of me?" instead.

Now pull a card from the fan (deck) and it will show you the nature of his thoughts about you.

If one card is not saying much, pull 2 more cards to explain the first card.

If he is not thinking of you at all - you will pull 22 The Nameless-One. (which is equal zero).

It is best to start with yes and no questions before you are ready for a more complex ones like the 3 cards sentence. (see previous blogs for 3 cards daily reading).

Here is a group of cards that are positively saying YES.

The NO cards a little strange and I'll write about it soon.

Another important tip!

In order to get clear reading - you must get yourself detached emotionally from your subject.

Meaning - when you want something for yourself or for another, you are in a WISHFUL THINKING mod (state of mind), thus not in a PSYCHIC mod.

Take a deep breath before starting any tarot reading and in that split of a second - clear your mind and heart from all thoughts and wishes.

Hold your breath a little and than - release it all out - emptying your lungs will help empty your mind and heart.

That's all it takes to tap into your psychic mod - less than a second of being truly vacant.

Practice often until at a certain point you may feel like tingling sensation at the back of head neck and shoulders.

Now you ready for some serious psychic work!



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