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Tarot Cards Challenges...continue

Image 1Hi every one!

I would like to write a little more about the challenging group of cards from yesterdays blog.

Especially two numbers: 5 and 7 in which are all included in this group.

All Four cards of number 5.

All Four cards of number 7.

The 5 in general has to do with learning and teaching or as we should say - education, but is also appear to be brutally honest and painfully truthful. (smile)

The 7 is a number that mobilizes change and it has to do with developing skills by ways of practice persistence and consistency. It reaches for Excellency.

These numbers are never easy but they do bring great results - especially to those who would overcome FEAR 5 Stone Of Age and FAILURE 7 Stone Of Age.

These are the only 2 Yellow cards in the challenger group.

Make sense?

15 The Thinker is an indication of an error or mistake - and it is asking for correction to be made.

11 The Deliverer is an indication of personality issues and it takes much patience and bravery to admit one's own wrong doing.

18 The Reacter indicates a repeated pattern - same story - again and again...nobody like that.

We kind of wish we could just break free from a repeated pattern but, life doesn't work this way.

We must gain better understanding (perceptions) of a pattern in order to change our experience and that's where all of these challenging tarot cards are here to do.

So...maybe we should call them HELPERS instead.



Challenging Tarot Cards I Am One

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