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Challenges Of Tarot Cards

When we open a reading (any spread) the 3 cards sentence or a full spiral, there are few things to look for right a way.

1. The dominating color or colors (Yellow; Red; Blue; Green).

2. The number of Master Tarot cards (the Black framed cards)

3. The challenges cards (see picture).

The colors let you know the nature of the reading as far as: Physical; Mental; Spiritual; Emotional. This way you can isolate one subject at a time so you don't get overwhelmed by too much information. If you see all the colors spread kind of equally all over the place - you will than know that the reading is well balanced and whatever challenges may be present - the person is able to handle them all.

BALANCE is a magic word when it comes to reading tarot cards.

The number of Black Master cards is important because it shows how developed, deeply layered or even complex the person is. The masters brings qualities to the reading and can expend its meaning quite a bit.

The group of cards in the photo are kind of challengers...They make life difficult on so many different levels! Yet, they are in a way, the force of resistance that makes us who we are - for good and bad.

They also make life interesting.

Look for these cards and when you spot one - you will know where it hurts.

They will always show you where or what the problem is.

A problem is not a bad thing.

In mathematics we call it an argument.

By ways of dealing with problems (intelligently) and eventually solving some of them (hopefully), we progress and grow and develop ourselves as a species and as individual human beings.

So, back to our problem.

Most of the challengers are Blue cards and indicate mental arguments. That is so, because our mind is still struggling with general understanding of life and self.

The second large group is the Green cards which indicate emotional difficulties when heart and mind are not in sync.

The Red cards are the affect and sometimes damages indirectly caused by our mental and emotional arguments, as it shows drop and spike in energy levels, blood quality and even inflammation.

The Yellow cards are the less affected by our conflicted mind and heart although these 2 cards are powerful enough to cause much destruction on a physical level.

The 3 Black master tarot cards are just difficult aspects that have more lingering affect which I will talk about tomorrow.

Keep up the good work.



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