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3 Cards Daily Tarot Reading

Tuesday morning...I shuffled my deck of card...put myself in the center of my own life story (as it should), spread a nice fan on the table and picked up 3 cards out the fan.

First card in the middle.

Second card to the left.

Third card to the right.

3 Cards Daily Reading with I Am One tarot

From a first look at this sentence, I know that the issue today will be somewhat conflicting between a proper use of spiritual energy (red card) and mental perception (blue card) of spirituality that might have superstitious aspect to it.

It will be a young female which is the Blue princess, and being the authority of ritual is thus mystical by nature, a bit dark in personality and even more so _ in a moody state of mind.

It will be hard to read this person and especially to reach some sort of common sense.

So now I know to prepare for a client today who might have strong belief in the dark side of spirituality, not much into self knowledge - may even be into spells of sorts and witchcraft.

The 7 Two Headed Serpent is telling me that it might be a less value experience for me, meaning, it will not bring the best in me as a psychic and spiritual woman.

In order to avoid conflict - I should listen to the 13 The Renewer (next card), and cut the reading short, do not get too deep into serious subconscious matters (as I tend to do at times) and in general, be aware of heavy low energy and don't try to make sad people happy not today!


I'll let you know how today is gonna end up




So, I was all prepared for an unpleasant incident today and when an opportunity to avert the blow presented itself - I did not think twice and canceled the reading appointment with the Princess of mood swings and self devaluation. I followed the Renewer's advice which simply said - STOP!

You don't have to put yourself through this if you don't want to.

Much better.

Good night.


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