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3 Cards Daily Reading

So last night I have looked at the 3 cards daily spread, to match it with yesterdays events.

Now since I have started the day with some idea of what to look for, I was very aware of how I used my energy (5 Two Headed Serpent) making sure not to get upset over personal issues and attitude (11 The Deliverer).

I managed to do so by not giving much power literally – to any thing (just to be on the safe side).

It was easy to do because nothing special happened yesterday (smile).

However, by doing so, I found myself feeling kind of happy during mid day time…almost feeling like being loved…not by someone specific…not loving or being in love – only simple emotional luxury as 4 Pears Of Tears greater aspect can be.

This new feeling has replaced its earlier meaning of spending energy, with a greater meaning of being simply dandy …now how do you like that!

Lets put it all in perspective.

Learning how to read the 3 cards sentence is very important because, when you read a whole spread – your eye will be trained to isolate those 3 cards sentences in any given tarot reading (including other conventional tarot spreads). And this is where you get most informative flow of energy.

Learning the tarot is like learning a new language.

The cards are words, definitions, concepts and ideas.

Being able to read tarot cards – comes down to building sentences and the 3 Cards structure is a good one because it portrait a specific issue in Past Present and Future format (or as we practice it Morning – Day – Night).

Do the 3 cards daily spread for a while, as described in the 8/8/2016 blog.

Make it interesting!

Reading tarot is a passionate kind of self involvement. Not only do you find meaning in the cards images flows colors and statements, but you actually connecting with your very own SELF.

You will be surprise how interesting you are - after all.

The more you get to know yourself, the better you will be able to read others.

Tomorrow I'll put up another 3 cards daily reading.



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