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I Am One Tarot


How To Read the I Am ONE Tarot cards for yourself?

Every deck of tarot cards takes a meaning all for itself yet, there is a commune thread that reads similarly for most of them.

This basic meaning has to do with the 22 major arcane of a conventional tarot or for the I Am One, 22 MASTERS (they are 22 Black framed cards).

Those are principles of life depicted by 22 paths of wisdom (and well), depends on character and integrity.

The closest tarot deck meaning to the I Am One, is probably THOTH deck by A. Crowley whereas the I Am One is a bit more up to date and especially designed to meet our generations needs for guidance and self understanding.


Pick up your deck first thing in the morning and shuffle real good while thinking about yourself only (just repeat your name quietly) until you feel that there is no need to shuffle anymore.

Lay the deck on a table or any flat surface (better to put it on white surface as the colors pops up) and push it over to open a fan like. (see photo)

Now, ask yourself what your day is going to be like - and pick 3 cards out of the fan.

First card in the middle. (4 Pear) This card is your morning

Second card to the left. (11 Deliverer) This card is your day.

Third card to the right. (5 Serpent) This card is your night.

Now leave the cards where its at and go about your day.

By the end of the day, look at your daily three cards and since you already know what happened (or did not happened) today, read the meaning of each card and try to relate it each part of the day.


It takes a lot of honesty to be able to read yourself but that's exactly what the tarot are all about.

They will tell you the truth, even when you don not wish to know it...So dig in for the goods.

Here is a little example of how to read the 3 cards in the photo:

1. My morning start with a Red card meaning, its energetic and spiritual yet comes with sort of frustrations...mostly not being able to use this beautiful energy properly. Also, there might be an indication of some inflammatory issues that I need to pay attention to...(I have sinus problems).

2. My mid day is a Green card which is an emotional one and in this case, an indication of spending too much energy. That will justify the frustration that comes with my morning Red card.

3. Combine all of these with my night card - The Deliverer, I must admit that all of these issues are pointing to my personality. Aha...It's the way that I do what I do which causes waist of energy and eventually - frustration of not being able to use my energy properly.

So...Is this just another wasted day?

I don't think so.

By listening to the Deliverer and being more patient with my self and others, I might be able to save the day after all!


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