One of the most amazing tarot deck by the artist painter Maya Britan. The deck is sold NEW directly from the artist and in the box are 78 tarot cards in a sealed rap. The tarot cards are full color and made of high quality Spanish tarot cards stock. Included is an Instructions booklet in English Spanish & French and a spiral spread map. Free full online text book is available to read and print from the website The spiritual art of these divination cards is made easy to read by beginners and professional psychics as well. The deck of cards is divided by colors as you can see in the photos. Green cards are Emotional "Pears Of Tears". Yellow cards are Physical "Stones Of Age". Blue cards are Mental "Curved Blades". Red cards are Spiritual " Two Headed Serpents". The Black cards are the 22 Masters or "Major Arcana" of a conventional tarot. The 16 "Royal Cards" are personalities and characters and they are color coded as well.

The I Am One Tarot Deck

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