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CA. I Am One Tarot
Professional info
Maya Britan is a self educated artist and has been painting since very early age. The appreciation for style and technique developed around the age of 14 while living in an artistic community in Israel among several professional painters. Such close exposure to different art styles, have influenced her own freedom of expression, versatility and originality. Maya's greatest artistic achievement was fully explored in the creation and publication of the "I Am One" Tarot deck in 1991 - 2000 consisting of 78 oil paintings.
Recent Art Shows
2012 January – Group Art show at “Gallery 114” Portland, OR.
2012 September – Solo Art show at “The Gallery Zero” Portland, OR.
2012 October – Group Art show at “The Gallery Zero” Portland, OR.
2012 November – Group Art show at “The Gallery Zero” Portland, OR.
2013 March – Group Art show at “The Gallery Zero” Portland, OR.
2013 May – Group show at The People’s Art of Portland Gallery Portland, OR.
Published Art Works.
Published Work
1. “Old Love Charms & Spells” book by Tarostar & I Am (Maya Britan). ISBN # 0-943832-26-8 Publisher International Imports copyrights 1999 
2. The “I Am ONE Tarot” deck ISBN # 0-943832-33-0 by Copyrights: 2002. A text book online at: 
3. Graphic design for a large line of “perfumes & candles” distributed by Indio Products Inc. Copyrights 2001
4. The “I Am ONE Tarot” is now published in “The Encyclopedia of Tarot Volume IV”. By: US. Games System Inc. Translated to all languages.
Artist painter and a thinker.

Computer graphics & web design.
Production movie set designer.
Jewelry and fashion design.
clairvoyant and a metaphysical developer of ancient symbolism & numeric based languages.
Short Biography 
2009 - 2014 Portland, OR.
Showing art work and represented by the “Gallery Zero”.
Working on 3 new series of paintings while doing computer graphics work for a commercial company.
Script development for “The Game Of One” film, based on The I Am One Tarot story and content.
2003 - 2008 Seattle, WA.
Developing and writing a reading instruction text book for the I Am One Tarot ISBN 0-943832-33-0
1991 - 2001 Los Angeles, CA.
Creating 78 paintings of The I Am One Tarot, doing the graphic design and publishing the deck of 78 cards. 
Movie productions design for the film “Speak”.
Computer graphics design for “Indio Products” and “Heritage” companies.
Painting and selling art works to private buyers.
1980 – 1990 Israel, Brazil and USA 
Running and manufacturing costume jewelry design company.

CA. I Am One Tarot
CA. I Am One Tarot
CA. I Am One Tarot
CA. I Am One Tarot
CA. I Am One Tarot
CA. I Am One Tarot

Maya Britan Artist Creator Psychic I Am One Tarot
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