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Knowledge vs Info

about The Story Of I Am ONE

The I Am One tarot is a full deck of 78 cards created by Maya Britan, printed by US. Playing Cards and was published in 2000 by Included is an Instructions booklet in English Spanish & French and a spiral spread map especially designed for easy read by beginners and advanced psychics and Tarot lovers.

The informative text on each card starts with I AM… as its meaning relates directly to the reader or to the one being read.

The art work presents images, colors, and flows that work on a deep psychological level to enhance intuition and perceptions.

Tarot Deck The I Am One tarot is a full deck of 78 cards created by Maya Britan

If we but look at our human life experience on Earth as a game-like journey where Earth is the game-board and individuals are the players, we might come to understand how Tarot cards are the game's manual. This Earth game is being played on a cosmic level that generously includes players whose concerns are personal, such as love life, money, and career issues. It includes those who are seeking other levels of universal experience within knowledge of creation. 


Because the Earth is a three-dimensional world, it indeed functions as a three-dimensional game board, where roads and maps are shown not only geographically on her physical body but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually from within her inner bodies of consciousness. Thus, as all people have been created in the same manner as their mother, the Earth, all are participants of the Earth game, regardless of the fact that many are not quite conscious of the planet's inner life and intelligence. 


Goals and destinations have been set forward to advance the traveler (you and me) through this Earth walk and beyond toward a yet unknown universe. In this case, the Tarot can be described as the game's manual with maps, rules, challenges, lessons, and directions. 

Today, it should be easier than ever to truly get a grasp of what old spiritual methods were all about. In our fast-growing computer age, the veil of mysticism is being rapidly lifted by a new technology, demonstrating amazing tasks daily. Issues like telepathy or clairvoyance that were once considered psychic phenomena can now be simply compared to a wireless telecommunication system that works on radio-magnetic-wavelengths.


The exchange of sounds and pictures to and from distant recipients all over the planet depends on a wireless transmission that moves through space in electromagnetic waves with frequencies ranging from 10 kilohertz to 300,000 megahertz. 


We are all using the Internet, television, radio, et cetera, yet we don't think it is a spiritual miracle every time the phone rings, do we? Think about it. Every email that appears on your computer screen accompanied by a mysterious voice saying, "you've got mail," would have been a religious experience if it had happened in ancient days. 

Almost every child in the world is acquainted with computer games and the 3D environment. The younger generation sees virtual reality computer games in ways equivalent to what our spiritual ancestors described as Illusions of time and space. 


Where a purchased computer game comes with software that serves the player with all the information and tools necessary to successfully use the game, our game of illusion, which we call life, is still missing a great deal of information. Some rulebooks have been lost over time, along with the manuals and other whole sections of teachings, which might be considered to be help menus. All are long forgotten. 


That is exactly where the Tarot comes to our rescue. Its vivid images present all the information we need about our life story on Earth and beyond. Intact and complete as it is, the Tarot was thus designed to survive through time as a work of art, but not as a written book. The art created for The I Am One Tarot Deck is loyal to the traditional method of self-preservation. With freshly presented images, colors, and flows, this Tarot book is written in a language to make sure that each individual player (or Tarot student) will only use the amount of information needed at one particular time. Even that amount would match his or her level of comprehension and understanding of the actual art-form of life. 


We (the people) make the rules as we go along, but … do we really know who we are and what we are about? 

The Tarot is a visual book left for us by our ancestors, who managed to put the puzzling game of life together. All we need to do is learn how to read this book. 


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